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Those who have been following the story of Nebuchadnezzar in the series “The Rich Man and Lazarus” must’ve been impressed with the recent events in the life of a man called “king of kings” of how powerful he was in his time.

One of the teachings from this episode revealed how much God fights to reach a person who is lost. He uses all the resources available to save a simple person and also the most powerful. He loves and wants good for everyone, even people like Nebuchadnezzar, who had killed thousands of people, destroyed Jerusalem, burned the Temple and caused so much suffering to the Jews.

The first attempt to save the monarch came about when the Almighty surrounded him with faithful people, like Daniel and his three friends who testified the true faith.

In addition, over the years, Nebuchadnezzar received messages and had great demonstrations of the existence and power of God, as in the case of the fiery furnace. At first he would recognize it, he would show a desire to change, but afterwards he acted is if nothing had happened.

Until he received the ultimate warning from God to repent, but he didn’t listen.

He had to lose his understanding, power, access to banquets, beautiful clothes, to literally eat grass alongside animals. He was humiliated as a madman for seven long years, without any discernment. A strange event for us, but perfect for Him who knows the depths of our heart and knows what works for each one of us.

However, even in this hard blow, we see the love of God, since it was his final warning before eternal judgement. It’s as if He said: Enough!!

There are many people like “Nebuchadnezzar”, who know the Truth, they see the good testimonies of family members or Christian friends, they’ve been spared and they’ve been rebuked, but they still continue going in the route of hell which is, living in plain disobedience to God.

I believe there never was never a time in which people would close their ears so much to spiritual warnings as today. Therefore, there are no alternatives left, but to be hit by pain, in order to surrender. The intensity of hits is proportional to the hardness of a person’s own heart.

Unfortunately, there are people that in order to have their spiritual eyes opened, need to “eat grass”. Only when they’re in the bottom of the pit can they find the healing for their pride.

So, you who are fighting for a family member or close friend, the typical “hard headed one”, don’t get surprised if you see them end up in the bottom of the pit.

In His goodness, God allows deserts, humiliations, a real “valley of death”, only to show the person that only ONE is Almighty over all creation, governments, small and big matters. There is only ONE Lord and His is the authority, power, forever and ever.

To the stubborn and rebellious ones, here is the plea that there are only two paths, if they don’t change: they will suffer until they are broken or will continue suffering for all eternity in hell.

Because of this, I want to end saying that happy are those who recognize the Lordship of Jesus and bow before Him in total submission and, out of free will, let their lives be directed by His loving Hand.

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Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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