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In a recent trip to India, Hillary Clinton tried to explain why 52% of the white female voters voted for Donald Trump, and not her in the 2016 election. According to her, white married women were influenced by their husbands and other men. Seriously, she said that women suffer a “type of increasing pressure to vote on the person her husband, boss, son or anyone else says she should vote for.” The fact that she is also white a married makes this point even more confusing. Are her opinions dictated by her husband? By others? Hillary is a strange (and more constantly) kind of feminist, who fights for women’s rights to do what they want and think what they understand… as long it agrees with her. Poor women who think differently or try to defend others that do! They’ll at least be accused of not being able to think for themselves.

But this is not the first time Hillary tries to explain why she lost. It’s already become a joke on the internet. In September 2017, the site Daily Mail posted all the excuses given by Hillary for her defeat. At the time, the list had 41 items but continued to grow. Among the guilty were, Russia, the FBI, Barack Obama, the media, white women, people who wanted change, social networks, white voters, WikiLeaks, men, etc., etc. and many more etc. And, thinking it wouldn’t be enough, she still wrote a book called “What Happened” to better accommodate the list of culprits for her defeat.

Critics say that the book is a piece of propaganda designed to enhance Clinton’s qualities to show she was perfectly prepared for the job and, at the same time, place the responsibility of her defeat on others. The admission of guilt over her own failure falls down to making “bad choices” when it comes to communicating how wonderful she was for voters. Nothing about reviewing her proposals for government. No! For Hillary, the problem is always in others.
In the book, the former candidate takes things personally and confesses that she felt hurt: “I had to conform to the fact that many people – millions and millions of people – decided that they simply did not like me. Imagine how I felt. It hurt”. It’s strange for a woman used to politics, in her late 70s, to take things personally in such an emotional and immature way. Although she said she conformed to the idea, that isn’t what her words and actions show.

Hillary doesn’t accept losing because she blames everyone else. When we lose something we like or when we do not achieve something we really want, the reaction we choose to have is worth far more than what we lose. It’s when we lose that our true character reveals itself. Pointing fingers at others, trying to find who’s guilty, just leads us to the wrong place. The correct behavior is trying to understand our share of guilt. What did we do wrong and what we can change in our behavior, a way of thinking, acting, speaking, so that it does not happen again. Correcting what led to the mistakes. That, yes, would be useful for Hillary Clinton. And it also works for each of us.
What Hillary failed to acknowledge was that it was not a question of who was prettier or nicer. It was not Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton – or, at least, it should not be that way in a presidential election. There are proposals that are competing – not people. And by personalizing the dispute, she lost the focus of what people were really evaluating. She does not admit that the defeat in the polls was because her plan of government was rejected by the voters. The US elections were decided between the ideas that Donald Trump defended and the ideas Hillary defended. Making America Great Again – as in the slogan of Trump’s campaign – is the dream of the residents of that country.

This proposal appealed to Americans because they are seeing their country distance itself from the ideals they had in the past. If they want to go back to the golden times when America was great, it’s because they realized that at some point they went the wrong way. They are doing now what Hillary should do – and what you and I also need to do when something goes wrong in life. First, stop making the same mistakes and stop blaming others. Look at where we are, assess when we started getting off the course and take the necessary steps to go back until we get on the right track. From then on, just follow through. Trump’s detractors (including Hillary) accuse him of taking steps backward by not defending the “modern” agenda. But taking a step backward is not always a bad thing. When you are going in the wrong direction, taking steps backward is exactly what you need to do to get back on track.

Vanessa Lampert

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