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Perhaps you say, “What a ridiculous question, Cris. Of course I know who I am!” And as Mara would say… Are you sure?

When I speak about my experiences in the past, I speak with propriety because I know exactly what happened to me and how I overcame what I went through. The only thing is, that during that time, I didn’t have a clue…

I was insecure, and I felt shy and jealous. I felt inferior to my husband. I loved him more than myself, just that I didn’t know it. Everything was very deep, in my subconscious, and that’s why I delayed in overcoming my insecurities. I thought Renato didn’t love me enough. I had a fear of being betrayed, even though my husband didn’t give me reasons for this. I was very emotional and lived pitying myself for not having my husband’s attention…

If I at least knew what I know today, I wouldn’t have taken 12 years to overcome my problems in marriage nor taken so long to find myself as a woman.

This is why we developed the Self-Awareness Course. We don’t want for you, dear reader, to waste so much time (like I did) to know who you are!

The course started on 18 of April, it’s free and will last five weeks.

Here in the Temple of Solomon, it’ll take place on the 10th floor at 7pm. You can register today. For locations, dates and times near you, please contact your local UCKG Help Centre.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Julia Nghishiko

    What I understand by that is, knowing who we are is important. But if we do not get rid of our old self the its going to be impossible to really know who we are. I remember I use to be anxious about almost everything. But through the girl talk, am learning to know who I really am before God and not people.

  • Matefo Makume

    As a woman I should know who iam so that everything I do, I really know why I am doing it.

    Sometimes we make many mistakes only because I don’t.know who iam.families are destroyed nowadays only because we as women we failed to know who we are.

  • Nikki Karitas

    Improvement begins with “I”. Cheers!!