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Nobody belongs to anybody and everybody is everyone’s.

The more “friends” on social networks, the more loneliness and need for likes, followers, and comments increases, that way, you won’t feel so lonely.

A real woman, gives orders, takes them back, curses, hits, makes a scene, she does everything that a man does, even getting a lot of guys, she shows her nakedness because it’s her body and she does what she wants, and now, it’s her turn, she’s the ones who uses others.

A real man takes advantage of how convenient this feminine freedom is, but it doesn’t stop there, a real man becomes addicted to pornography also, after all, he has to have virtual women too.

Hatred towards parents, the absence of parents, rebellious children, indifference towards family, a cold love life, everything contributes so the foundation of society becomes totally ruined, leaving it vulnerable and ready for the end.

Yes, we are living in the end of times.

I imagine it was like this in Sodom and Gomorrah. Two cities had to be exterminated from the face of the Earth, since there was not one good person there to tell the story. A place where there was no family, people would get together without any commitment; they put children in the world that would not have the presence of a mother, much less a father. These children grew up revolted against everything and everyone, without a structured family to lean on. Women who no longer valued themselves and got together with anyone, men who no longer cared about their sexuality, to the point of being with whoever came into their city, it’d be something new.

It even seems like we’re talking about the present day…

The only way to not be part of this world we live in is to strive every day, every minute and every second, to be in the Kingdom of God, which has already come to us through our Lord Jesus. But in this Kingdom, there are rules, contrary to those who think that by grace they can do anything, that is why, few live in Him.

We will be speaking about this subject on Saturday, 3pm in the Godllywood Self-Help Meeting (Times and dates vary by country).

Stop complaining about the world, don’t waste your time debating, because all this will only get worse… do what only you can do, exclude yourself from this crowd that’s dancing towards the abyss. Make an effort to be with us in the last Godllywood Self-Help meeting of 2017, I guarantee it will be worth it!

P.S. Oh and if you like this chaotic world, want more of it and want to enjoy it while there’s still time, please do not come. The meeting is not for you.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Samukeliso Ndlovu


  • Vivi

    I learned that now many people are so worried about the likes the comments on social media that they don’t value themselves and they go with any guy or girl so they can be happy when they truly need god.

  • Vivi

    learned that now many people are so worried about the likes the comments on social media that they don’t value themselves and they go with any guy or girl so they can be happy when they truly need god.

  • Dee

    I have nothing against social media but I have to be honest . An infatuable desire with social media is a sign of a worrying weakness in your spiritual life. I can compare the times when I got off social media to the times I was on. Let me tell you that the times I was off were the times I was better spiritually. We have to watch and pray less we fall into the norms of this evil world . Pay attention to the traps and disguises of the devil . Social media can be me an addiction,slowly eating away at your soul without you knowing it. You find yourself more invested in it than invested in true separation of time with God. The devil will even try to convince you that you are on there winning souls but seriously when was the last time anyone got converted by anything you posted? It’s a trap and lie of Satan! Be vigilant friends , I was once a fool but the Holy Spirit in his infinite love and mercy revealed all this to me .