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Right or wrong?

Appropriate or inappropriate?

Beautiful or ugly?

Who can, nowadays, affirm with certainty, the difference between one another?

Ideas and actions that were considered extremely wrong in the past, today have been accepted in our society as something extremely natural. If you were born in the 80s or before, I believed you learned in your youth what was wrong and what was right. So even though the world tries to interfere with our ideals, deep down we know how to differentiate one thing from another, right?

Can you imagine what goes on inside the minds of children today?

Do you have an idea of things – wrong things! – that your daughter, little sister or niece sees in school? On TV series? On YouTube videos?

If we pay attention, it’s worrying!

But calm down, not everything is lost!

Time can pass, generations can come and go, movements too, but the Word of God and His teachings do not change.

In other words, if you want to teach your daughter right from wrong, without having a shadow of a doubt between both, count on the Word of God for this!

And this is how, considering and thinking about God’s teachings that Godllywood School was created.

In our school, girls from the age of 6 to 14 learn about several topics about them like friendships, relationships, online safety, the value of a family, hospitality, how to be a young woman of value and much more! All of this with basis on the principles of God in His Word.

Godllywood School is located in the Temple of Solomon, on Av. Celso Garcia, 605, in the town of Bras. You can sign up on the terrace of the Temple of Solomon or by email,

Now, some great news! What if you live outside of Sao Paulo or far away from the Temple of Solomon?

The Godllywood classes will be available on Univer – on the 18 of April!

We will upload one episode per week, and we’re certain all the girls who watch it will learn unforgettable lessons for their lives.

Oh, and the older ones will also be able to take advance of these lessons, after all, many of them work for us as well!

Until then!

Aline Munhoz

Godllywood School Coordinator

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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