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If you can no longer look into each other eyes and your voices irritate one another, the first thought that comes into mind is that you no longer love each other, but I ask you, why does the love of a mother never end? Because a mother’s love doesn’t give up, it doesn’t do evil, nor want something bad to happen, it doesn’t take vengeance, nor get cold, even if the child only bring problems. However, the love that many have towards their spouse is based on everything except on what it should actually be based on.

They think that if there’s no more romance, it’s because there is no more love. They think that due to the problems they’re having, which seem to have no way out, love has leaped out the window.

The truth is the love is still there, the problem is that it’s hidden beneath a lot of bad things, as if under a lot of garbage and those who see from outside, see it’s the easiest and fastest way to get rid of it instead of throwing everything away and cleaning things out.

Inside of this garbage there are a lot of grudges, resentments, wrong thoughts, traumas, mistrust, anger, enmity, disappointments, etc.… which are feelings that you’ll still carry on with, even if you end your relationship, into future relationships. The right thing is to clean and organize your current relationship.

Take advantage of doing this for yourself, even if your partner has apparently give up on you. Come and cleanse yourself of all the mess that has done harm to you in this area of your life.

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In the faith.

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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