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When Adam and Eve were created, we can see clearly in details that God desired to communicate with His creatures. The Bible reveals that it was normal for the Almighty to visit both of them at sunset to have communion with them. I imagine that His sweet and strong Voice would be heard before the sound of His movements and the warmth of His presence in Eden, the most beautiful garden that this world has ever seen, because the Lord was its landscaper.

This desire to have a relationship with us came from the Almighty, because being who He is, if He didn’t want to be found by his creatures, there wouldn’t be anything that we, human beings, could do to change His will. And also, if God didn’t want to talk to us, we could scream, shout and kick, and there would still be no communication.

But since the very beginning, God gave the first steps to reveal Himself to men, to the point of leaving us a Book that speaks about everything we need to know about Him. Aside from this, it’s the only Work that has records with authority and accuracy of celestial beings; the origin of the Universe and Life; the future of Planet Earth and humanity, and what each person needs to do in their daily life.

The Bible is God’s letter for us. So alive, that it’s efficient for all kinds of people and times, cultures and languages. It will never become obsolete or demand innovations because its concepts and advices will never be outdone.

Because it is so valuable, the Scriptures have suffered the worst persecution throughout its existence, however, never, has anyone been able to silent His Voice. And it’s worth remembering that inside a warning is written that anyone who alters The Word, no matter how small, the punishment will be the worst in eternity. In the same way we don’t like someone changing what we say or saying things we didn’t say, God also does not tolerate for anyone to distort His Words. On it’s own, it’s ready to accomplish all His promises and His judgements, without needing human help.

So, after understanding the importance of the Bible in our relationship with God, the reader has to be aware that they have in hands a Book totally different from all others, for its exclusivity and characteristics.

The first step in taking advantage of this book is to look for a good translation. This means, a translation whose translators had respect and fear for the Almighty, for this is the only way to impede them from deforming the Sacred Text. You can also have two versions to compare and facilitate your understanding. My first reading I do is in one version, based on the Masoretic texts, of the Old Testament, and another in the Received Writings, that preserves the Holiness and purity of God’s Word.

If possible, try to have close by a Bible Dictionary (there’s a lot of options online), because you may come across some words that are rarely used in our vocabulary today.

A personal advice: take advantage of having access to the Author of Life and invite Him to join you, helping you in understanding. This prayer will make all the difference in perceiving His Will for your life.

And the last advice for today: make time to read, in the same way a movie asks for your attention, normally for 90 minutes, reading the Bible also requires focus and willingness. Daily, choose a time and disconnect from everything to read and meditate on what you read. You won’t be able to absorb all the Sacred Truths if at the same time you’re analyzing the Text you’re on social networks or chatting with friends on apps.

Follow these steps and enjoy the Knowledge of the Almighty hidden in His Word.

Until next week!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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  • Gugulethu

    Good day,

    Thank you for this post, may God bless you.

  • Gugulethu Makhanya

    Good day,

    Thank you so much for this post, may God bless you.

  • Mrs Janice McIntosh

    Good morning Mrs Cardoso thanks for highlighting how important it is to spend quality time reading and meditate on God’s word.

  • Hélène Mukundi

    Thank you so uch I enjoyed the Text and I learn again .God bless you Mrs Cristiane

  • Ester Francisco

    Amen! Thank you, really the Bible is the book that we should read every day, meditate and put into practice everything it teaches us. What is good for us to have this wonderful letter in our possession if we not open it to read what is written there. Simply it will be only a memory, that one day you received something powerful,but because of lack of time she was far from you.

  • Julia Nghishiko

    This is true. Ever since I started reading the bible, I noticed that indeed the bible is God’s letters to us. Yes, there are times I read the bible and I don’t understand, but I don’t get discouraged because there comes a time that that the pastor or bishop will talk about the verse and it becomes even more clear. There are times I end up saying, the Lord Jesus really knew what His people will face and wrote it all down in His book. I don’t know if it makes sense but yes.:-)

  • Tusubira Jennifer


  • Nekesa Janet

    Thank you for this massage because whenever I read it makes me to build up my spiritual life.

  • Martha Magongo

    This is very powerful.God bless you and thank you for leading me to the word of life Mrs. We are privlleged to have this opportunity which many do not have today and they are in need of it.i thank God.

  • Selma N Johannes

    The Bible is the letter from God, because this is the only way we communicate with God, reading the bible that is the way God will speak to me,that is where I get the rules of God,what He likes and what He doesn’t like.

  • Lira Maculuve

    Thanks Mrs to remembering us the importance of reading the world of God because is the most important powerful message for my life

  • Portia Masina

    Thanks MRS Chistiane for u to share to me .GOD want to give is chance.

  • Nikki Karitas

    This reminds me of one strong fact in the Bible:Heaven and earth will fade,but His word will still remain.

  • Martha Magongo

    Amen. most of the time we give value to many things. this have to be the same when I read the and meditate into the word of God. Just as I ask for His blessings in my life, i should also pray and ask the understanding of His word.This letter of life from God is real a blessing to our lives. thank you Mirs Cris.

  • fiina shikesho

    True. since this is the only element our God has left for us we should cherish and use it in a right way. meditating on his words because his words are all that he left us.

  • Nteboheleng

    This is the only way we can know the thoughts of God,this is the only way we can know how to be close to God and that is reading the Bible.

  • Muwanga Daniel

    Good, the word of God neutralizes my soul especially when through the desert, just like the rich man who wanted poor Lazarus to dip his finger in his mouth. The word is my strength.

  • Tokollo Mathabatha

    This is true the bible is the letter of God. And that whoever try to change the word of God makes Him angry so we have to obey his word and practice it.

  • Lavinia shipiki

    wow good message,before i came to church i didn’t use to read the bible and meditate on the word ,i only use to read sometimes maybe ones a month .but when i receive the holy spirit i came to understand that ,in the bible we find knowledge from God the way to follow him and to walk according to his word that he has given us. everything that i need its written in the bibl

  • Atang

    This is indeed helpful because the only way to understand the mind of God is through reading His word, which is all in the Bible, through it we get to know God’s thoughts and will for us.

  • Mutesi Grace Kabanyankole

    It’s his voice for us to hear and put into practice. The more I read the word of God, the More my Soul is edified.

  • Sweny Kuvare

    This is true. The same way we speak to God through our prayers, God also wants to talk to us and that’s only through His word. I ought to read this word everyday and really meditate on it. I really learned that i have to make time really for reading this letter from God, because the time i used to make was not enough, really few. Praise God.

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    Amen thanks for the guidance. May The HolySpirit continue using you..

  • Nthabiseng Thuntshane

    Indeed the bible is a manual for our life also through the Bible we would be able to understand God’s thoughts and plans He has for our lives

  • Thandi Manzini

    Amen! the Holy Bible is the only book in the world which is not and will never be outdated cos the Word of God is alive and powerfull.It has power to save, transform,heal (etc.) lives.

  • Lerato

    Through the bible we are able to understand the thoughts and the plans God has for us.and He is able to communicate with us

  • Lindiwe

    True God speak to us through the bible, it is very important for us as Christians to make time to read the bible everyday.

  • Palesa Jn

    Thanks Mrs Cardoso for the message by the way the aHoly Spirit has make awareness on to how to read the word of God being focused so that I can see the power that is inside rather than reading any kind of book ,but always be in spirit of respect and have more attention on the word of God.

  • Palesa Jn

    Thanks Mrs Cardoso for the message by the way the Holy Spirit has make awareness on to how to read the word of God, being focused, so that I can see the power that is inside rather than reading any kind of book, but always be in spirit of respect and have more attention on the word of God.

  • Jashia Anglin

    When we read the Bible we get to Know more about God. God speaks to us through his words that are written in the Bible. We need to take time out of our busy life to read the Bible and also mediate on the words of God. We must also put his words into practice.