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It’s good to eat! I admire gastronomy, better said, I like to “eat a lot”, lol. I have great taste buds, and it’s difficult for me to find something I don’t like. Of course, there’s things I appreciate more than others. I’ve never made a diet in my life, and the last one I tried was a disaster! But I try to find a balance in nutritional food, without going overboard.

I know that this topic is a popular one among female circles, because it’s difficult to find a woman that doesn’t have to “lose two kilos”, lol. For some, this necessity is only in their head, but others really need it because they’re overweight, with health problems or dissatisfied with themselves.

I remember speaking with a youth that had morbid obesity, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. All the strategies made by her family and her doctors are of no help, until she learns how to deal with her emotions.

As we know, emotions dictate many decisions in our life, including, interfering in the choices of our meals.

I’m sure you’ve been in an anxious situation in which you ate a whole chocolate bar, isn’t it right?

This normally happens due to stress. But there are those who eat all the time, without respecting the time between meals, the quantities or the taste of meals, and others who completely lose their appetite.

So you see, not all the times that we feel like eating, do we really need to eat. The need might be in our soul, and because you don’t realize it, you camouflage your wants with food.

After all, eating calms down tension and gives joy, even if only temporarily.

When hunger is emotional, a deficiency, emptiness in the soul, desire to call attention or anxiety, no meal is able to satisfy it. Besides the pain lingering on, other consequences will also happen like blame, shame and adding more kilos.

Human nature dominated by emotions can cause works that lead mankind to complete suffering. A person who completely gives in to their desires reflects this in their behavior. So, instead of just hurting themselves, they hurt those around them.

So, instead of eating a whole cake alone, check if you’re not weak emotionally because of PMS, sadness or stressed or under the effect of any other emotion that places you under the mercy of desires that will do you harm.

Let food fulfill only what it was divinely intended to fulfill, which is to nourish our body and join us together at the dining table with those we appreciate.

For the “empty” situations in your soul or day to day situations, seek for help in your faith, because in the Almighty One we find the strength to overcome any problem, internal or external.

Until next week!

Collaborated: Núbia Siqueira

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