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What was your experience doing the previous task?

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You know, one day, many years ago I did this task with a homeless woman. I was in traffic and saw her sitting on a staircase looking very sad. I got out of the car quickly and went to her to talk to her about Jesus, but her reaction was frightening, she cussed at me. I returned to the car feeling very bad and humiliated, after all everyone who was was waiting in traffic saw that scene.

Sometimes this will happen. You will do what is good and in return receive the opposite, but don’t get discouraged, don’t get tired of doing what is good, what is good will not always be welcomed… unfortunately. It’s like the movie, “The Ten Commandments”, (here in Brazil) which has already begun to do good for many people but at the same time you see how the media is attacking it, denigrating it, arranging arguments to devalue it. At the beginning it doesn’t make sense, why so much jealousy? Why be so angry at a national film? The explanation is simple: good will always be envied, criticized and attacked by evil, but that’s not why it will cease to exist. This has happened since the time of Cain and Abel and will happen until the end of the world, the way is to continue doing what’s good, advertise it and love being part of it. 🙂 By the way, it is also clear who in in the team, isn’t it? Those who are against good, are in favor of evil…

The #taskasanoffering4 is all about this. You’ve done good for a lot of people and this upcoming week, you will focus on doing good to yourself. You may need to rest, take a day to go out with a friend, go to the hairdresser and get a new cut on that long hair of yours, get your annual exams done, take a few extra hours to sleep, read a book, seek God, the list is endless… this task as an offering is to do good to yourself.

And let me tell you, don’t feel guilty in doing that. I know you have many things to do, a lot of people depend on you, but you are only one, you need to be good to be able to do everything you do and sometimes, things don’t always go the way you want them to just because you owe yourself some time. The second commandment is, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. It’s not more than yourself, but as yourself, what you do for your neighbor is what you should have done for yourself… do this in the upcoming week and share it on your social networks with the #taskasanoffering4



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Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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