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Fashion is always changing and so are the rules of fashion, the truth is they’re so confusing and don’t make any sense. Good news is, in order to create an elegant look, you don’t need to follow those super strict rules!

I’m going to introduce to you three rules that can never be negotiated, they’re very simple, and won’t change your sense of style at all. Quite the opposite, they will help make sure your style is unique.

  1. Always dress appropriate to the situation.

It’s always very important to have in mind the place you’re going to in order to choose what you’ll wear. Is it appropriate to wear jeans to a wedding? Or go up a snowy mountain in sandals?

It’s the same thing when we present ourselves before God, we have to prepare for a special occasion. 🙂

  1. Always feel comfortable

Being comfortable with yourself is key to making any look work, and this is why what you wear has to always be something you feel well dressed in. Comfort can be a cute shirt that’ll make you warm in the winter, but it can also be a pair of high heels which make you feel taller and more chic.

  1. Never dress too much with what’s on trend

When it comes to trends, less is sometimes much more. Pick and choose the pieces that work with your personal style, it’s much better than wearing all the new fashion trends just because they’re in style. This is how you won’t have to regret buying clothes a couple of years from now, because sometimes wearing EVERYTHING that’s available on one go, doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work for men, nor women, what do you think?

Until next time!

By: Isabella Barbosa

Collaborated: Cristiane Cardoso

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  • Maria Johannes

    This is wonderful!! It is true that we cannot follow the rules of fashion because most are inappropriate and the question is,who creates these rules? I should not be partaine to this world . I have to wear discern and feel comfortable in my clothing as a woman of God who gives good examples.

  • Selma N Johannes

    This is very interesting Mrs,l remember also those times before I got serious with the things of God, I used to wear just everything that comes in my mind everywhere in church,school,work.I never used to differentiate what i should wear at the shopping and at church, I could just come to church wearing a jean without having any guilt,thinking that i was being fashionable,But now I learned how to wear with the fear of God.

  • Nekesa Janet

    It true that some of people copy the way others they wear and I was among them but I had to change.

  • kodde colleen catherine

    So true miss Isabella,many people tend to copy styles and fashions that don’t reflect any good picture at all and worst of all most times it is not even nice on them but i believe that one can remain fashionable and trendy when they are careful with what they put on and at what time.personally,i loved jeans so much that i could put them almost daily including on Sundays but after being taught and when i met Jesus, my mentality changed and i say a natural transformation in me that is:inside-out.therefore i give God all glory for the lesson of faith!!

  • blantine

    thanks for the teaching on how i can save my money then just buying every time new outfit .its true it will help when i choose my outfit i have to feel comfort to wear where i’m going then regretting late

  • Martha Magongo

    Amen. this is beautiful, what you wear explains who you are and your appearance explains what kind of a woman you are. I never use to care about the way I wear, I use to put on whatever that I feel looks nice to, without thinking of what place I’m going and if the clothes looks appropriate on not.

  • I Khauta

    comfort is the best, also most of the fashion trends are not always good

  • Olivia Hobyani

    My Take on this is that certain trends only work for a certain age group and not for everyone, it might work for your teenagers but will definitely not work for a mature individual or a working class men/women.

    So, yes it doesn’t work for a majority of people. Every season we get introduced to “something new” but if u take a good look at things you would find out that what they deem as the new trend is something my grandmother wore in her 40’s

  • Kabajwisa Bevelyn

    I agree with this I do not like to dress in line with being trendy would prefer to be different…in my own fashion

  • Kabelo

    Mhhhh very true Mrs Cris & Mrs Isabella, thanks…
    Indeed is very important that when we choose what to wear,we must have in mind the occasion we off to,and the comfortability is on spot.
    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Kabelo

    And yes wearing too much of what is trending will by no means give an impression to the world that you are part of it,whilst you’re not.

    This is why we must be Choosey ,always looking elegant, and ready for the the specific occasion.

    Kabelo Tswaana

  • Agrippine N

    this is wonderful. mostly people like to follow the crowd of people especially when it comes to dressing. fashion even become a trend for some people to forsake God, because they feel so controlled. when we take fashion simple and wear to be comfortable, we will become matured women of God.

  • Ainima Liina

    U got it right Mrs Isabella, i was a person that goes with trend always, I would buy whatever that was in fashion that time and i end up having lots of funny clothes that i would not use today. What i got for myself is not to follow the trends but to create my own good look with the clothes i am having.

  • Hendrina Ngongo

    I should learn on how to dress.I should always dress appropriate to a situation, I should dress comfortably and I should never dress too much with what is on the trend .

  • Nikki Karitas

    The second rule is the one I loved most,once I am comfortable with what am putting on and I really walk and feel comfortable, I don’t need any complements or comments like “oh! you are smart,huh! you are not really smart”, I simply believe in myself!

  • Gladys Itumeleng Mokotso

    Indeed, I don’t have to follow fashion as it change always but rather dress in appropriate way as a Christian. Feeling comfortable everytime.

  • Thandi Manzini

    Keeping up with fashion is stressful, competitive and a waste of money cos fashion is here today and gone tomorrow. So I prefer to buy clothes which are not in fashion, something which I can wear in any season and still feel comfortable. I make my own fashion.

  • Portia Masina

    Thanks MRS Chistiane for teaching

  • Ester Francisco

    That we dress according to our body type because it helps us not to make so many mistakes when dressing. Thank you for the tips Mrs. Cris.

  • Lerato

    I must dress according to a way a woman of God should wear and feel comfortable.not to follow fashion.

  • Lindiwe

    True fashion always change but I have to remember to dress as a woman of God/ in a decent way. And dress clothes that will make me comfortable.

  • Jashia Anglin

    It is very important to dress elegant as a woman of God. Very interesting tips.

  • Joan Dove

    Great points. When you are overly dressed or worse under dressed you are so uncomfortable and self conscious that you want the occasion to end quickly so you can leave. Trendy fashion costs a lot because the clothes last only for that season then they are no longer fit to wear. When you dress comfortable you are certainly more relaxed.