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Hi! My name is Tania Rubim, I serve God on the altar with my husband for over 16 years.

When I started attending the church with my 16 years, I never imagined that one day I would serve God on the altar.

To be honest, at first I had no interest in even been an assistant, my goal was to study, and I didn’t  want anything to spoil my plans.

Only that with time and my conversion, these thoughts changed and what was so important in my life, no longer made ​​sense.

God was molding me and preparing me to be able to fulfill the plan he had drawn for me, and I let the Holy Spirit lead me to His will.

After I had an encounter with God, was born the desire to help people,  to make known what I had received, and I felt my call to the altar, which was faithfully obeyed  and it has been the greatest privilege of my life, to serve God in a place  so precious and of total dedication, the “Altar”.

To write about this topic is a great pleasure for me and I could not speak about it better than any other, because the work of God is my life, my day to day.

Nothing makes me happier and satisfied to serve my Lord.

I’ll be here writing about the life of the pastor’s wife, their experiences, struggles, difficulties, marriage, home, influences, etc…

Every Wednesday I will post a new message.

I hope to help all those who have a burning desire to serve God, forgetting themselves.

Want to be used by Him? So join us.

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