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Hi! My name is Tania Rubim, I serve God on the altar with my husband for over 16 years.

When I started attending the church with my 16 years, I never imagined that one day I would serve God on the altar.

To be honest, at first I had no interest in even been an assistant, my goal was to study, and I didn’t  want anything to spoil my plans.

Only that with time and my conversion, these thoughts changed and what was so important in my life, no longer made ​​sense.

God was molding me and preparing me to be able to fulfill the plan he had drawn for me, and I let the Holy Spirit lead me to His will.

After I had an encounter with God, was born the desire to help people,  to make known what I had received, and I felt my call to the altar, which was faithfully obeyed  and it has been the greatest privilege of my life, to serve God in a place  so precious and of total dedication, the “Altar”.

To write about this topic is a great pleasure for me and I could not speak about it better than any other, because the work of God is my life, my day to day.

Nothing makes me happier and satisfied to serve my Lord.

I’ll be here writing about the life of the pastor’s wife, their experiences, struggles, difficulties, marriage, home, influences, etc…

Every Wednesday I will post a new message.

I hope to help all those who have a burning desire to serve God, forgetting themselves.

Want to be used by Him? So join us.

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  • Marcia

    What a delight!

  • monica

    that great, Mrs. Tania – will be looking forward to reading your post. God bless you!

  • Adela


  • Andisawa Mahobe

    Thank You!!!! Mrs Tania

    I can’t wait to learn from you because my greatest dream now is to serve my lord with all my life. My dream was to became an accountant one day to have my own house and family, but i don’t know how it happen now that am no longer that interested in that dream anymore now, ever since i meet JESUS CHRIST now everything has changed. the way i see the world, how i think everything.

    And its God who led me to your blog really, so thank you in advance and may the God of the bible bless you….

  • Lindeka Nyaba

    Cant wait to learn more on how to make myself available to serve God with all of my heart, strength and genuine love.

  • Sinazo[cpt]




  • Nomalizo Shasha

    Good Day Mrs Tania

    You know what…….really its God himself who is talking to me because what you will be posting now to me its a dream of a life time. Sometimes we bless our selves without knowing what God demands from us.
    So by you posting to us your massages you will inspire me a lot

    Thank You

  • Linda

    Hi Miss Tania

    Thanks for posting this as Im sure anything is possible for me as well.

    I was once faithful to God, I was so filled with peace and joy because I had decided to serve Him wholeheartedly. God blessed me spiritually above all else. Last November I decided to leave God for a life of my own, I wanted to study further with the aim of making more money, better job, dating outside of the will of God for me etc. I started living the opposite of what God had planned for me. I now know that God wants me to serve Him, Im confused because I cant really see His plan for me in the Kingdom but I know that no matter how I serve Him, as long as I serve Him. It hurts so badly to be so lost, Im so lost…………………………..

    Im so desparate for His intervention, for a change, I am so desparate for my salvation to be restored because nothing else matters to me but the will of God. I feel so stuck, I dont know where to begin, I know I have to start from scratch, its so hard, the load Ive brought upon myself is so heavy, Im studying but Im not happy with my studies as I see it as a burden on me, Im dating but I dont wanna be with this man because He cares less about God, Im working but I hate my job but bills need to be paid etc……..

    Im so desparate for my SALVATION, I need it back, I want it back!!!!

    I need to start somewhere, I have hope though, I know that my Jesus is here to help me, I know that Father Holy Spirit is with me.

  • NorahTyina Katumba

    Pray that God continues to use you and your husband

  • asafika madyolo

    HI miss Tania

    I can’t wait to learn who to be a true women of GOD and to used by him.and i will also pray to GOD to make my self able to serve him with all of my live.

    Thank you

  • Its inspiring to see that u ar nt on ur own, ther r pple lyk me wit the same queestionz,n confusionz bt God is helpng us n will bless us n grow us

  • Yetunde Omoniyi, UK

    I can’t wait to learn about this… Something very inspiring- tp be used by God 🙂 x Thank you

  • Serena Loderick

    God really had a plan for you Mrs Tania,
    Sometimes we don’t even desire certain things in that time or moment but when its from God he will mould us for his Glory.