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I was healed!!!

Hi, bishop!

I want to thank you for the ministry of prophecy last Thursday. I attended through videoconference from my church in São Bernardo do Campo.

I was sick! But it wasn’t cancer or any other terminal illness; it was in my soul! I was struggling to heal from a relationship that ended over a year and a half ago, but I was still suffering a lot.

When I heard that you were going to do the Love Therapy meeting, I said to God, “Whatever the Bishop says, I am going to obey. Even if he says to do a headstand on the Altar, I’m going to obey!”

Then, the Holy Spirit spoke through you. You explained exactly what I was not surrendering on the Altar, because I was complaining, saying that God had forgotten about me, always crying, as if this would resolve anything, and I still had anxiety.

This Thursday, I decided to sacrifice all of these things, and to ask for peace, like you said to ask. I’m feeling so happy and at peace; all the weight is gone! It no longer hurts within, there are no more reasons to remember my past, I feel no need for any of it, the Holy Spirit is taking care of everything!

Thank you, God!

Thank you, Bishop Macedo!

Thank you, Universal Church!

I know this is not a spectacular testimony, like buying a car or the healing of a terrible illness, but I want to leave my testimony here and say that the secret is to obey, to honor our Lord Jesus!

Ana Paula Ribeiro

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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