We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


Blessed trials

The joy of material achievements causes a real sense of well-being. It seems like the person’s relationship with God is up to date. The faithful feel more energetic, more stimulated in the faith and even prone to do the Work of God.

But when the signs of trials start to appear, joy gives way to sadness, the euphoria dies down, and faith gives way to doubts and complaints. The willingness to serve God is extinguished.

At this moment, the confession of faith is judged. The cross and the world wait to see what side the person will choose. And this is when the kind of faith a person has is defined.

God has not given us faith only for spiritual and material success, but also to overcome supposed failures. In the world of supernatural energy, everything cooperates for good, both gains, and losses.

After all, those who live in dependence of the Holy Spirit have already died for this world. The struggles and sorrows faced on earth are part of learning to live life by faith.

Solomon is an excellent example of the harm caused by the absence of trials. He was born to reign without any problems. And because he won the heart of God, he became the wisest man on Earth. He was extremely rich, there was nothing his soul wanted and did not receive.

He didn’t even have enemies. He went as far as sending a letter to the king of Tyre, saying:

But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side; there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence. 1 Kings 5.4

History records that the absence of problems became Solomon’s greatest and most serious adversary. The sense of Christian happiness can become a mortal enemy, since it causes the faith to become relaxed, which consequently leads to spiritual coldness.

Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26.41

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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