We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


More than just a friendship

As a child, I heard about Jesus, that He was always present, even when no one else was. He was introduced to me as a true Friend, who would never let me down. And, for a long time, that’s how I saw Him, as my Friend.

In times of pain, I would think about Him, I would talk to Him, and I would find comfort in Him. Jesus was always my best Friend until the day when I finally understood the reason for His friendship.

That’s right, there is a reason for His friendship and it’s not just for difficult times.

People treat Jesus as if He exists for the sole purpose of serving them. His friendship is for when you need it. As soon as they do their part, they quickly forget, think about other matters, value others more, and He is left with a mere pre-written thank-you card.

This is not why He gave His life for us, just He could simply be our Friend. His friendship is to conquer our entire life, not just our gratitude.

When I finally understood what He wanted from me, I didn’t think twice, I surrendered my body, soul and spirit. Not just for a while or with certain limits – I believed and surrendered myself entirely.

And Jesus married me that day. He became my Husband and gave me the right to have His Father, God the Father, and be my Father as well. And I became part of His family, which has the greatest heritage that any man or woman could want: eternal life. And as a guarantee of all this, He gave me His Spirit.

While He does not come to take me to this eternal abode, His Spirit guides me, protects me, saves me, teaches me, exhorts me, calms me, cares for me and loves me.

This is why I am happy, and everything and everyone who comes against me does not destroy me. I am His protégé; I am His Church.

In faith.

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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