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Why was Daniel cast into the lions’ den?

One of the most beautiful examples of the power of faith in the Bible also gives us a sample of what can happen when the majority, which is evil, strategizes against the minority, which is good. The story is written in the sixth chapter of the book of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel’s situation in Babylon was as follows:

King Darius

Daniel, President 2, President 3

120 Princes

King Darius established three presidents over Babylon, of whom Daniel was one. And one hundred and twenty princes were made accountable to the three. However, Daniel stood out from all of them for having an excellent spirit – and obviously for being a righteous man of God. For this reason, King Darius thought of promoting Daniel above all the others, remaining only inferior to the throne. When the others found out, the presidents joined the princes to find a way to get rid of Daniel.

Daniel did no wrong, nor committed any crime. So why did they want to get rid of him? It’s simple: because the presence of a person of good in a position of authority prevents the advancement of evil plans.

The strategy was to make a TRAP for Daniel by creating a law that would target his faith. They made a law that determined: Anyone who, within thirty days, makes a request to any god, besides the king, would be cast into the lions’ den. They all came together to sell this idea to the king as something that would strengthen his image and his government – but, in fact, the intention was to get rid of Daniel.

Many laws today are made with the appearance of doing good, but the goal of their creators is to neutralize those who promote the values ​​of God and family.

The king signed the decree. And it was said and done: a few days later, Daniel’s enemies came to his house and caught him praying to God. They pressed the king to cast him into the lions’ den, and “the king was greatly displeased with himself, and set his heart on Daniel to deliver him; and he labored till the going down of the sun to deliver him.” (v.14) However, nothing more could be done. Not even the king could save him. Once a law is passed, all that remains is to obey it.

It is not the actions of the wicked that destroy the world, but the lack of action from the good.

With the ring on his finger, King Darius sealed Daniel’s sentence (v. 17). On October 7, you will have the chance to prevent evil’s plans from advancing.

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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