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My biggest request

A year and a half ago, when I returned to Church, I was going through great spiritual warfare, and wasn’t able to remain firm. Then, I became very sick and started to attend more and more meetings. It was an ugly battle, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays!

I remember leaving some comments on your social media page, and you answered almost all of them. Some members also commented back. I appreciate that very much, because I know each prayer helped me be here writing this today.

It took approximately an entire year for me to be completely delivered, and also be healed. I finally understood that I was doing things wrong, and it shouldn’t be my way, but God’s way.

Finally, my spiritual eyes and ears were opened, and the doors that the devil used to return were closed shut (through purposes of faith on Fridays).

I was able to truly forgive, because the devil remained active and there would always remain little quibbles here and there, but this time total forgiveness was released. In fact, bishop, you mentioned on the radio about forgiving even when you don’t want to. This way, forgiveness will flow naturally. Oh, the cure was successfully executed!

Five days after having fulfilled the purpose and standing up to the devil at home with authority in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I was born of God! I remember you preached on the radio that if we, who are bad, know how to give good advice to our children, God will do much greater! Wouldn’t He give us His Spirit if we ask?

So, I used this passage to pray:

“Father, if I ask you for bread, You wouldn’t give me a stone or a serpent instead of a fish. I know you will give me your Spirit! ”

But I was preparing for the following Wednesday (2/14/2018), which was the last day of the Fast of Daniel.

I even began a purpose that day to finish on Wednesday, but just like Daniel received an answer at the beginning of his purpose, I also received an answer on the first day (02/07/2018).

Oh, I was so happy! This Wednesday was blessed from the moment I heard you on the radio, because when it finished, I was already different.

I had prepared myself for God, but had no intentions of receiving the Holy Spirit that day. However, God is splendidly merciful. He protected me for 10 years, forgave me and made me His daughter again. God takes care of me because I need it very much, even though I do not deserve it.

I am very grateful to my Father!

And I’m also grateful to you, Bishop Macedo, for every post, every TV program, every helpful comment, every prayer determining that I would overcome!

I’m also thankful to the pastor, assistants and members, who helped keep my faith strong, believing that I would be saved, bearing witness to glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus, that helped me in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

All honor and glory be given to God always.

Debora Dourado

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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