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The first sheep

Good morning, Mrs. Cris!

While listening to Bishop Macedo’s message about Abel’s offering, a few words stuck in my head: “the first sheep.” God so pleased when he gave Him the first sheep that I wanted to know “why it was so important,” so that I could do the same as Abel. Then, I remembered there is family, who are members of the Universal Church in Nazareth. The father is a shepherd, so I got in contact with them, and would like to share the information they gave me.

The first ewe gives birth to the flock, she feeds them with her milk, raises them, leads them. When a shepherd has a well-tamed first sheep, he won’t have any problems guiding his flock, because he guides her, and she leads the rest. The flock follows the first sheep.

If Abel gave a young lamb, there wouldn’t have been much of a loss, because she still didn’t have anything to give; she didn’t have much meat, fat, or wool, and she still wasn’t able to procreate.

But not the first sheep! She has a lot of meat, a lot of fat, a lot of wool, a lot of milk, and the ability to continue breeding and increasing the flock. Also, when she is removed from the flock, the rest of the herd becomes lost, because they feel confused, without a reference.

This is very strong, isn’t it?

With love,


Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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