We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


I helped many, but what about me?

Good Morning!

The previous testimony was powerful. I also thank God first and then the UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, who welcomed me like a spiritual mother. I lived years in religiosity, because I did not see the fruit of the Spirit. And it is extremely hard to be deceived by such things.

But God is so loving, such a Father, that one day He allowed me to have my eyes opened, because I asked Him for His Spirit. And so, He showed me that I was serving men and not Him. I was in a denomination that was preparing me to be a pastor (lol). I was possessed by a spirit of deceit. But my anguish was massive, so how could I be something that I wasn’t? This was my inner question. I helped many, but what about me? What is the use of saving many and losing my own soul?

There was a void in me. Today I know this space was His alone. And, by the mercy of God, I came to the last door (the one I said I would never enter). There, I found the TRUTH and the truth set me FREE. I went through the process of deliverance (imagine the difficulty when a person is overly religious), and I surrendered everything that I THOUGHT I was and GAVE myself to JESUS. Today I am an assistant because He called me for this.

Today my second greatest pleasure is to win souls, but my first pleasure is to have His Spirit and the certainty that I am saved. I seek my Salvation every day. Once again I thank God for Bishop Macedo, who did not look to the right or the left, and today I can contemplate the Kingdom of God within me. Oh, what a day!!!

Collaborated by: Katya Correa

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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