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The righteousness of God

The greatest sign of the manifestation of hell in the life of a person is unrighteousness. Where there is unrighteousness, there is a demon. It is the worst pain a person can feel. Unrighteousness is a spirit: it kills the person who committed the injustice and takes the life of the person that was wronged.

Just as the foundation of God’s throne is righteousness, the foundation of the throne of the devil is unrighteousness. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, through Paul, says:

What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? Certainly not! Romans 9.14

You cannot overcome a spirit of injustice with just any weapon. However, the Lord Jesus showed us which weapon we should use in the passage of the widow who had a cause to be judged. The only problem is that the judge who would judge her case was unrighteous. Even so, justice was done because of her perseverance.

If an unrighteous judge answered the widow, just imagine God, who is a Righteous Judge?

The spirit of unrighteousness is only rebuked with the manifestation of faith. Without the practice of faith, there is no justice!

It is good to remember that, in the widow’s case, she had no lawyer. Today, for those who are wronged, in general, they have the Lord Jesus as an Advocate, who does not lose any case. And God is the Righteous Judge, who is quick to do justice.

God bless!

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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