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Swords or supplies

…The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally. 1 Samuel 30:24 (HCSB)

David had the enormous challenge of rescuing everything that had been taken by the enemies.
He had 600 men, 200 of whom were physically tired.
They were responsible for taking care of the supplies, relieving this weight of the 400 that took up the swords.

When it was all over, some of those who took up the swords thought that those who were with the supplies should not enjoy the same perks as them. But David showed them that everyone was important in this great achievement.

The same is true in the Work of God.
Some take up the swords, others take care of the supplies, but everyone is important, regardless of their responsibilities, whether large or small.

For in fact the body is not one member but many. I Corinthians 12:14

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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