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DNA of the Spirit of God

It is normal to find blood brothers that are in constant conflict. However, it is not normal for brothers of the same faith to constantly nitpick at each other. When this happens, it is because they are not of God.

Those born of the Holy Spirit have His character. The mind of Christ; a new heart that beats according to the Father’s; sincere behavior; a word of honor; this is, a complete contrast from the character of those who aren’t born of the Spirit of God.

I doubt that those born of God will dishonor their word! As the honor of the Father is in the fulfillment of His Word, the same goes for His children. The Lord Jesus, for example, teaches that a marriage joined together by God cannot be broken. His children honor the words promised on the Altar before the Word of God. The word of true children of God is worth more than their feelings.

Those born of God have, in their character, the DNA of God.

To speak about character nowadays is almost like sowing in the wind; rowing against the tide of this world. But, for those who want to inherit eternal Salvation, it is no use confessing a Christian faith and behaving contrary to the Word of God.

If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. John 8:31

A disciple is not someone who confesses or feels like this is who they are, but someone that follows, practices, keeps and obeys the Word of his master.

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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