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Bitter complaint

A judge can only assess a case with justice when he has full knowledge of the process and details of the event.

When it comes to a human judge, he collects the information given by the witnesses and gives a sentence. In this case, there is a possibility of an unfair decision, since man has flaws and may fall victim to the corruption of others. But when it comes to God, there is no way of receiving an unfair sentence; after all, He knows what is inside of us and other people and everything that happens around us.

The Almighty does not need witnesses or evidence to judge our cause, since He is a Witness of everything that takes place on Earth and knows all of our works.

However, only one thing causes Him to hit His Gavel on our behalf: the manifestation of our faith. Only faith can justify us before God. Only faith makes us worthy before Him. Only by faith can the Almighty LORD OF JUSTICE attend to our cry.
Even today my complaint is bitter… Job 23:2

How many faithful Christians, and sincere people have carried within them a complaint for a very long time; bitter like gall and toxic like rust. And as rust consumes iron, such bitterness has consumed their soul.

Someone confessed to me: I did not ask God to get rid of this bitterness because I was afraid He wouldn’t answer. Eventually, my faith in Him became discouraged.

It seems like Job thought the same, when he confessed his hand silenced his groan. Only those who live such sorrows can understand the pain of Job.

Who, in their right mind, has not silenced a cry in their soul?

On the 17th, we will be summoning those who have silenced their groan to ascend the Altar, before the Throne of Justice.

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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