We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


Day 12 of the Fast of Daniel
You can see the degree of the relationship between a servant and the Lord in the care he has of doing the will of God. To please God is to do His will freely and spontaneously. This is the most sublime feeling that guides the life of those who are true servants of the Most High.

It is even understandable to see most people concerned about their chores and to-dos, with the thought of pleasing themselves. However, it is painful to see, including in this majority, those who, despite all the biblical knowledge and years in the Church, are not in the least worried about prioritizing the will of the God they claim to believe in.

But how can a person serve Someone he does not know? How can a person please or do the will of a Stranger?

This problem does not apply to those who are born and sealed with the Holy Spirit. They perfectly understand the meaning of the Lord’s will, because, above all, they are possessed by the same Spirit of the Lord Jesus. They are servants, born to serve, not to be served. They know the will of their Lord. Whether they fulfill it or not, that’s a whole different story. But when they please their Lord, He makes it possible for them to fulfill their dreams naturally, without anxiety, stress, or anything of the sorts. Especially since the will of God never goes against the well being of His children. As a Father, He knows what is best for His children.

Often, or almost always, they use faith to take hold of desired possessions. In regard to this, I ask: can a child administer a thousand dollars? Because of this, one must use faith with material achievements; yes, but always subject such faith, strictly according to the will of God, so that the blessing does not become a curse. After all, as it is written: an inheritance that is gained hastily will not be a blessing.
An inheritance may be gained hastily at the beginning, but the end of it will not be blessed. Proverbs 20:21

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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