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Day 13 of the Fast of Daniel

Hello, bishop!

My name is Iolanda, and I’m a member of the Youth Group in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. A few months ago, our friend was unfairly arrested. He was arrested two weeks after receiving the Holy Spirit during the last Fast of Daniel.

Bishop, he was in jail for two months, and I was amazed by what he did while he was in there. Knowing him, I knew he wouldn’t stop winning souls in prison, but he went even further. He held meetings in prison. On Mondays, he spoke about prosperity; on Tuesdays, he prayed for deliverance, without fear, he placed his hands on the prisoners’ heads; on Wednesdays, he sought the Holy Spirit; Thursdays, he prayed for the family, he taught them how to treat their wife and children; on Fridays and Saturdays, he did the same thing. He followed the same meeting schedule as the Church. And on Sundays, he gave the drop of miracles, and the inmates sang along with him: “Move the waters, Lord, move the waters…”

Bishop, he told me this was what marked him the most because news about the drop of miracles spread throughout the entire prison, among the inmates. He also determined the healing of one of the prisoners, who had a wound and was healed. The prisoners listened to the Church’s radio station all day, and at 3 am, he woke up his cellmates to pray.

In prison, he was called a pastor; the prisoners had a lot of respect for him. This young man baptized the prisoners, and many said that when they leave, they will go to Church to give testimony of what he did for them.

He could have complained about being unjustly accused and going through this horrible situation, but he allowed God to use him in a magnificent way.

Bishop, it’s been about three months since he was freed, but I only learned about what happened while he was in there today. He does not want any glory for himself, so much so that very few people know what actually happened. He speaks about it naturally, and this is how he told me, since we unintentionally stumbled onto the subject. His name is Caesar. I just had to share this with you. I know this email is a bit long, but it was necessary.

Thank you for your attention, Bishop.
God bless you more and more.

Kind regards,
Iolanda Gomes

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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