We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


Faith without emotion is the only tool able to rescue a soul. Knowing this, hell has invested heavily to divert your attention to “love–passion.”

This free and sensational love attracts those moved by emotion because in its name everything is valid. Man with man, woman with woman, old person with a young person, love of money, the world and its glory and so on…

Evil supports this feeling among people not only to lead them to a marriage from hell, but above all, to produce through them rebellious children and potentially generating many other problems. Result: social chaos.

As for the “love–passion” of money, the misfortune is nonetheless. It has been responsible for all social injustices.

The concern of the rich is to possess more and more, even if this costs the death of the famished and disgrace of the less fortunate.

The truth is that money provides such a sense of security and power that it causes its victims to forget about the future of their soul. The foolish have surrendered to such passion and turned away from the faith.

But the worst part is that the strength of this “love” has bypassed the tenuous faith of most Christians. Even those who have served God for a long time.

The spirit of greed invests heavily in “love–passion” to attract and rescue not only the “rebels” who have left their kingdom, but also to establish marriages that bear children for destruction.

Not only in regards to money but even more in regards to the passions that rise out of nowhere between men and women. In this aspect, its destruction has been massive.

As for money itself, it is not bad. But the love of money, yes! As a servant, it is super faithful, but as a master, it is extremely cruel.

Just as it is not possible to love two women or two men at the same time, supernatural faith does not accept to be divided in any way as well. You cannot serve two masters…

No one can be a slave of two masters… You cannot be slaves of God and of money. Matthew 6.24 HCSB

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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