We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


You have found the great LOVE of your soul, and He has filled your void. You became special on the day of your new birth, and the anguish and sorrow no longer exist. You learned how to love yourself and understand that God does not want the worst for His daughter. You have served Him for so many years, so long, and every vow and campaign of faith bring hope that the promise will be fulfilled.

The Lord Jesus hears you, completes you, understands you, embraces you, loves you. But none of this can be seen. It lies within your soul and your faith is the only thing that lets you believe what you are reading is true.
Even though things are settled within, you charge yourself for being alone…

Maybe, time is passing and anxiety is setting in…
Maybe, you blame yourself for your marital status and for all the bad choices you made in the past.
Maybe, you have refused invitations to family gathering to avoid questions about this area of ​​your life.
Maybe, Saturday night is the hardest day for you.
Maybe, another Valentine’s Day is here, and you can’t wait for it to be over…

I remember that in 2015, on the same date, I did something that I’d never done before and I want to share it with everyone who sent me their messages in private:

I thanked God for being single. (Oh, Fernanda, stop joking around. Weren’t you 29 years old at the time?)


I thanked God for all the times He delivered me;
I thanked God for not allowing me to marry the wrong person.
I thanked God for my life and the opportunity of letting Him guide me to make choices based on reason and not feelings;
I was thankful for simply knowing what I wanted and not lowering my standards just because I felt needy at the time.
I thanked Him for loving me and for knowing that the chosen person had to love Him before me.

I knew that by being second in his life, I would never be last. I knew what true love was, because His love showed it to me.

I prepared a present.
(No, I did not have a boyfriend, but for those who have already found Him, we have a Bridegroom, the Lord Jesus).

This gift was prepared in advance, with care, wrapped beautifully and given during the Love Therapy ❤.

I put the same value on the Altar that I would use to buy something for my boyfriend; everything was placed inside the package with love. I left it on the Altar believing that I was placing it in the Hands of the only One that could give me what I wanted so much.

I remembered the testimony of that woman who prepared a room for the man of God to sleep, and after a year, that room was used for her baby. She kindly prepared something in the present that was used in her future. This is also what I did: I kindly prepared my gift, which I received in less than one year. Today, two years after this vow, I am celebrating one month of marriage.

Stop complaining. You don’t have to sit around waiting with your arms crossed. That’s not what I did.

I fought with all my strength, not to have a boyfriend or husband; after all, how many people are married, yet unhappy? But I fought and waited for God’s promise, so that my marriage could glorify the Name of my Lord, and I can say: it is worth the wait, the surrender, every vow, every tear. Today I see this from the time I wake up until I go back to sleep. It was the best choice I ever made.

I love you, my prince! Thank you for being the answer to my prayers, just like a woman waits and feels pain when giving birth and then once she has her child in her arms, she forgets all she endured, this is how I have felt during this first month. May I be at your side for a lifetime!

I’m sure many others will tell me about their testimonies, just as the Author inspired our story, our love will do the same in the lives of those who believe.

I believe that I will hear about your story ❤.

Fernanda Alves

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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