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We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


When we think of eternity, we imagine that God has reserved the right for those who are saved to dwell in heaven with Him. This alone would be marvelous, but the Most High has prepared much more than eternal life (1 Corinthians 2.9). There is an unimaginable heavenly reward reserved for the righteous. The Lord will determine it by evaluating how His children served Him during their Christian journey.

Based on God’s character, which is fair and faithful, no work, however small it may be, will go unnoticed in His eyes. As proof, the Lord Jesus said that even the seemingly insignificant act of giving a glass of cold water to a little one would generate a reward in eternity (Matthew 10.42).

We can see here that it is not difficult to be rewarded by God, because His eyes are set on His servants so that none of their deeds will be lost, but be duly listed and compensated in heaven.

This brings us great rejoice because, even though a servant may be neglected in this world, by having his work considered small and seemingly worthless, in the Kingdom of God it is worth a high reward. This is not the only time that Scripture mentions a reward; it is often mentioned throughout the Sacred Text to encourage us in our service to God. Such words help us better understand who we have been indeed serving.

As the Lord Jesus watched people put their offerings into the treasury (Luke 21.1-4), He emphasized the poor widow’s act of offering two coins, which seemed insignificant when compared to the large sums of money being given by the rich. This may seem insignificant in the eyes of man, but not in the eyes of God!

The Righteous Lord, who knows the intentions of the hearts of His servants, knew very well how sacrificial it was for that woman to give her sustenance as an offering on the Altar. This is why He made a point to honor her before His disciples, so that her gesture of faith could be recorded forever, and serve as an example for all generations to come.

Every effort to bring a soul to Salvation, or even a simple demonstration of love and zeal for the work of the Most High, has an immeasurable value! The precious reward of the righteous is duly kept with the Lord Jesus and will be given to them in eternity (Revelation 22.12).

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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