We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


It seemed impossible to change…

From a very young age, Bertony liked to dress, play and have friendships with girls. He grew up thinking this was normal.

The place where he lived was a former Umbanda center, so he explained how he would regularly hear voices and see shadows. At the age of five, a neighbor sexually abused him, and the abuse became frequent.

At the age of twelve, he began to take female hormones, and some changes began to happen to his body. He started going out at night, partying and drinking.

After a bad breakup, he heard about the Universal Church on the radio. He went to Church and even became a candidate to be an assistant. But, after some time, his faith weakened, he stopped reading the Bible, fasting, fulfilling his vows, being faithful, and eventually losing his fear of God.

The day his interview was scheduled to be raised as an assistant, he did not show up. He turned away from the faith and no longer had the strength to go to Church, eventually he returned to his old ways. A friend, who was a transvestite, invited him to leave his hometown of Belem do Para and go to Sao Paulo.

This was when he began to make changes to his body. He got silicone injections, took female hormones and started working as a prostitute. He remained in this lifestyle for seven years. During this time, he lived with an abusive person and suffered abuse. He suffered from depression, insomnia, oppression, grief, and an addiction to drugs.

Bertony was feeling very oppressed, but there was something calling him to return to Church. He decided to go to the Temple on a Friday for a meeting with Bishop Clodomir. He went as he was: dressed like a woman.

After seeing a testimony online of a former transvestite, who changed after being baptized in water, he decided to get baptized as well. Right away, he noticed the changes in his body. He continues to attend these meetings until today.

At age 33, Bertony is transformed, delivered; he is a new man.

Bishop Macedo
Bishop Macedo

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