We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


I started using drugs at the age of 16. I would lock myself in my bedroom and snort a whole lot of drugs. I enjoyed doing this alone. It briefly helped fill the void.

Until a few months ago, I wondered why the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God asked for so many offerings.

As usual, I was only seeing things from my point of view, so I tried to understand before criticizing. I’m always online on Facebook, so I began watching the Universal TV channel.

A lot of things caught my attention, like the fact that there is always a well dressed pastor or bishop, who is determined and interacting with the members and supporters of the Church.

Unsatisfied, I bought two books that further explained Bishop Macedo’s story. I read them about three times. Now I needed to see with my own eyes what I had watched on TV and the Internet.

I decided to go to the nearest Universal Church. I was surprised when I walked in because everything that I saw on TV and the Internet was real. But I needed more, I needed a pastor to listen to what I had to say. I had been carrying something inside for 16 years, and like they say, I needed to share it with someone. The meeting ended and I walked over to a pastor, and said: “I need to talk to you sir”. Man, I was calling a 23-year-old boy ‘sir’. He replied for me to go ahead and speak. I began:

“I have been a drug addict for 16 years. I’ve tried to stop several times, but I just can’t. I’m ashamed to tell the people closest to me because nobody has the slightest idea that I am an addict. I have always worked, I’ve always had my own money to use. I’m also addicted to cigarettes. About a year ago, the police caught me with drugs. I signed off the papers as an addict, but I still had to be a witness against the dealer. I’m being threatened with death and I’m afraid of everything, even the police. Even when I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m about to just kill myself.”

The pastor, a young 23-year-old man, reached out and held my hand firmly. He said: “You can count on me, we are going to help you”.

Once I left, I threw out my cigarettes. The following day, I went back and was baptized in water. This was about 15 days ago. I know exactly what I want. So, this testimony is for those who criticize them for asking for offerings.

Look how much money I spent on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and no one helped me. Instead, they stood by as I destroyed my life. And now, I found a place where I can listen to the Word, receive counsel, which I can get at anytime of the day because there is always a pastor to receive me at one of the Cenacles, which by the way are always very well dressed.

Detail: I am going to sit in a cushioned chair, the air conditioner will be on. Do you think that you’ll find this anywhere else?

Thank you so much to everyone that is part of The Universal Church!!!

May God bless you.

A friend

Bispo Edir Macedo
Bispo Edir Macedo

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  • ms guni,england

    How amazing that people always complain and very quick to criticise the offerings the church asks. No one ever thinks to them self this church is all over tv 24 hours HOW? HOW DO THEY PAY FOR THE BILLS? WHERE ARE THEY SUPPOSSED TO GET THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE BILLS?

    People can sit in the comfort of their homes and WATCH THESE PASTORS AND BISHOP DAILY all because someone offered their MONEY FOR all people in the country to get na opportunity to get help, from THE PAIN THAT IS THEIR LIFE.

    No one ever complains when porn tv channels, ask FOR OFFERINGS, no one complaind when BETTING and shopping and all sorts ask for OFFERINGS. People are so blind.

  • Danny Martinez

    Dear Bishop Macedo,

    How have you been doing Bishop? My name is Danny Martinez and Thanks for sharing this testimony, it is Powerful and I THANK GOD for having transformed this man’s life, I will Pray for him and continue to do the same for you, GOD BLESS you Bishop and the whole Universal Church Ministry and this man and his whole family also IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AMEN. Keep it up Bishop!


    Danny Martinez (YPG in Houston at Shepherd)

  • william

    yes friend continue in this faith and never worry about critisims,because JESUSC HRIST HIMSELF is a GREAT OFERING FOR OUR LIVES and in return we give our lives and our offerings on the ALTER with no douts and no worry,look the churh of GOD started by offering(JESUS)and will continue in this way until HE COMES BACK.


    This is the secret of giving. It is true that in the UCKG people give a lot, but they give acording to their conditions (silver, gold or bronze) and acordingly they receive back from God. “Return to Me and I will return to you.” When HE return to u it will be in abundant life. May God of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God strengthen you to keep what you’ve got sofar and may HE add more to your faith.

  • changu Abel

    Thank you for sharing your testimony with us because i believe this is an eye-opener to those who like to jump to conclusions of criticizing without even knowing what they are talking about. this is very powerful and may God bless you more and more.

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