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We don’t choose to come into the world, but we have the power to choose where we’ll spend eternity.


God created man in His own image and likeness, and from that point on the devil has worked at taking this away from him. The first major mistake of a man came when he allowed himself to be influenced by his wife’s own mistake.

Our God is not known as the God of Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel. I’m not being sexist when I say this, but it’s important to understand that while we live in a society of equal rights, our roles are not equal. A real man understands that he is the provider and protector of his home. He should have the final word, be the head, and make decisions. But day after day we see men handing over their responsibilities to women. In many cases, they support the home.

Because of this, you need to:

One – Be a Real Man

We rarely see married women wasting hours on video games, going out to bars or enjoying a game while her husbands are at home with the children. But we often hear women complain about their husbands spending more time with their friends than they do with them… or in front of the TV or computer. It’s so disappointing because the man she married is behaving like a boy.

You need to ask yourself: Am I a real man? Have I assumed my role as a man?

Two – Be the Man your Wife expects you to be

Women want to feel safe and protected. They want to participate in decisions, but at the same time they want their husbands to be decisive, even when it rubs them the wrong way. A husband cannot ignore his responsibilities as husband and father. He has to show love, give attention, motivate and encouragement. A woman does not get married simply to have a sexual partner, she wants more, she wants a real man by her side.

Your wife is using up her life an energy in an effort to pay the bills, when you should be daily determining to free her from this difficult life and provide her with a life that even her parents could not afford.

Ask yourself this question: Am I the man that my wife wants me to be? Am I ever worried that she may become so dissatisfied that she will leave me?

Three – Be a Man of God

Obedience makes a man, a man of God. Many husbands hide behind their wives’ faith. In modern times God has a hard time finding “Abrahams”. It’s easier to find women of faith than men of faith. Where are the brave warriors? Where are the men of prayer, faith and trust in God? I’ve never seen a wife complain about a man that’s too obedient to God, because that proves that you are the real man she’s always needed… because you obey God.

Ask yourself this question: Have I ever obeyed God and made a real sacrifice? Am I sick and tired of disappointing myself, my wife and God? If so, get out of the cave, stop being complacent and make a sacrifice to God. It’s time to become the “Gideon” that’s inside of you!

Pastor Walber Barbosa


Bispo Edir Macedo
Bispo Edir Macedo

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  • Lala- Simeon HK

    Now a days very few are real man. It is very hard to find a kind of man doing the work of God or a man of God. Mostly man now is in the world. Just always ask God’s guidance and protection of you your heart many now are deceiver. Always stay in the presence of God for surely He will give you the real man of your life the man who is obedient to Him.

  • Phoenix Bocho

    True pastor,a real man of God is neither lazy nor weak he provides for his family and takes firm decision to do the will of God even if his wife suggest otherwise,because he understands that God takes no excuses for disobedience hence even Adam,s excuse was not accepted,he leads his family into salvation through sacrifice because he knows it’s required of him


    Dear Bp
    It’s high time man assume thier position
    As man and stop waisting time with useless
    Thing and invest in thier family and marriages.
    And be real leaders of the community
    And homes , and lead by example. . . .

  • IMEE

    A clear conscience is better than a golden crown.
    The Bible is clear that to turn around is about the next essential action in this life. If thou unto the LORD with all thine heart. we shall have happiness and prosperity (Deu. 30:10. To be a real Christian , we must care so much for others that we forget ourselves. we must turn fro the past to the future. always look forward. Our sins and failures of the past were forgotten in the graceof GOD.

  • Stacia chin

    Bishop amen and thank you for putting this out there.

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