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410 Responses to “Welcome to IntelliMen”

  1. i love the meeting yesterday with bishop james it was aworsome and now its about getting down to serious business for this challenge and iam in this challenge along with my BUDDY DESMOND WILLIAMS.THIS INTELLIMAN PROJECT IS A GREAT AND FANTASTIC IDEA AND BY THE END OF ALL 52 CHALLENGES ME AND MY BUDDY DESMOND WILLIAMS CARATER WILL MAKE A WHOLE LOT OF DIFFERENCE TO THOSE AROUND US PRAISE THE LORD AMEN.

  2. jason parchment 11 months ago

    I want to be a more stronger man physically I am but the strength I want to improve is mine mental strength and this is the reason I join the intellimen

  3. Decson Sigwinta 11 months ago

    I’m joining Intelliman because I want to be strong mentally and build my confidence towards people.

  4. Kinyera Paul 11 months ago

    i really appreciate what the church is doing to the lives of the Christians. God bless

  5. Gustavo Hernandez 11 months ago

    I accept the challenge to improve everyday my buddy is Alexis Gutierrez

  6. Mteteleli furunek 11 months ago

    It is the first time to get in here but i will go foward to listen all the comments and to do the right things to gain up in my spiritual level including my physical life as well. Thanks

  7. When I heard about intellimen from a close friend I knew this was an opportunity to make myself a better person than I already am. The world we live in is changing vastly so why not sign up to something that will teach me valuable lessons for free? Lets see how it goes. Day 1 – Intellimen. Leggo!

  8. i thank God for intellimen world, im ready to learn and be a better man. Thank God

  9. I accept the challenge and my buddy is Onkakeditse mphiri

  10. I’m so ready to learn more about being an IntelliMen

  11. i have joined intellimen because i want to be a better father and husband for family to be role model for them and to change my character

  12. Justin Laforet 10 months ago

    Hey everybody glad to be a part of such an inspiring group of people challenge #1 done

  13. Owor Paul 10 months ago

    Am joining the intellimen so as to become a better man,and i believe i will

  14. Keen to kern through this…..

  15. Keen to learn through this….. My buddy is Moses Ngenokesho

  16. danielikong 10 months ago

    hi bishop Renato can I join the intellimen now thank you

  17. Irvin jacobs 10 months ago

    this is a great oppõrtunity to learn respõnsbility as man, its a blessing to join this groüp.

  18. Wilfred Matare 10 months ago

    I want to be a better man by the end of this project.

  19. Pat Ranthama 10 months ago

    The main reason for me to join Intellimen project is for my spiritual growth.I want to subject my emotions under the power of the spirit.Furthermore to learn from experiences of others,to be wise and be spiritually-discerning.

  20. el desafio esta muy duro pero vale la pena

  21. edmore chauke 9 months ago

    I need to join coz i want to be strong and be a better men to be intellimen forever i can feel that this is where i belong

  22. siphiwo mziweni 9 months ago

    Good morning bishop. I want to be a member also.because i belive it will
    make me a better person

  23. Ernesto Thaker 9 months ago

    To be the man God wants me to be. My buddy is Thandoletwu

  24. I’m joining Intellimen cause I want to be intelligent spiritually and physically. thank you.

  25. Docc Tuneeko 8 months ago

    I am so happy I re-joined, again. I started but due to my work condition I felt alone and need a buddy, I spoke to our Bishop who assigned a buddy to me. Besides that I feel good to be back with God, I am empowered every day and can easily resist old temptations, I decided to start the challenges from scratch. My buddy is Shaun.


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