If you’ve seen the news lately, you know that we are at the edge of the end of the world. According to the prophecies of the Mayan civilization, the date is December 21, 2012 to be exact.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, blog readers: it was good while it lasted. I will miss you.

But wait!

Before you start thinking about how you will spend your last days, let’s consider the words of Jesus in regards to the end of the world:

But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only. Matthew 24:36

Aw, too bad! No one knows the day and the hour. Not even the angels, or Jesus himself, only the father – and the Mayans, of course. God the father didn’t want to share this information with his son Jesus, but He did with the Mayans. What a holy people they were!

But in all seriousness, don’t allude yourself with prophecies which predict dates of the end. If you believe in Jesus listen to what He has to say about it. Contrary to all the so-called prophets and doomsday preachers, He was never wrong about any prophecy. He spoke about the end of the world with more accuracy than anyone. In regards to dates, He was very clear: it will happen as a thief in the night. When everybody least expects it.

The message being: live every day as if it were your last. One day, you’ll be right.


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10 Responses to “The world ends December 21st”

  1. Good day

    True! Live everyday as if it’s the last.

    The world might not end now but I might die now who knows, so everyday is a “I live for You(God) day”.

    Thank you for the message.

    God bless you

  2. CYNTHIA 4 years ago


  3. jhandy-gad-hk 4 years ago

    good day bishop,yeah i agree,the bible clearly say’s be prepared for no one know’s the time and hour.I remember one pastor in my former church suddenly went back home in our country believing that the end of the world was nearly approaching. Recently on facebook i read a post saying that Jesus appear in his dream telling that the end of the world will be on december 22.Christians must have real encounter with God and constant communication with HIM in order to discern the truth.

  4. Gugulethu Makhanya 4 years ago

    I’m excited for this day because than again and again the Word of my Lord Jesus will be proven to be true that there is no one that knows the day nor the our and this will put to shame the words of lies.

  5. This is very important message.

  6. Dear bishop ,it’s sad to see people so very busy,putting all their effort and wasting time in trying to be Holy God ,investigating the Word of God, instead of simply believing and living the Word of God. I mean if they want to have communion with God. We should be doing our best by putting all efforts to run away from the devil and resisting satan ,
    fighting for where we are going to spend eternity which is in Heaven. For sure the complete end of this present life will come. The important question is, where are we going, HEAVEN or hell? NOW THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE KEEPING US BUSY!! Not FALSE predictions. If God didn’t reveal the Day and Hour to His ONLY begotten SON JESUS CHRIST then who are we? May God bless you bishop to enlighten us more.

  7. phelisa godi 4 years ago

    Sometimes I wonder where these people get their information, its quite hilarious when you know what the word of God says regarding this matter.

  8. Rose-Simeon A+ UCKG HK 4 years ago

    It is disappointing that there are people who are wasting their time and effort predicting this so-called “end of the world” than focusing on their spiritual life.No one knows when its going to happen as the Bible says.Salvation is the best preparation.

  9. joshua banabita malawi 4 years ago

    Bp. only those who are disobedient to the word of God can be worried about the end of the world. we all know, it’s not true coz no one knows the day or hour. but for those who are obedient to His word the world ended long when they took a step to obey, to die is to go home. i can;t fear to go home.

  10. Genesis Vielman 4 years ago

    Very true Bishop! Now days people lack of speritual intelligence and they let them selves go by the emotions and they don’t see the reality.. but you make a strong point bishop.