Money is NOT synonymous with a happy marriage

  In the past, men used to think that bringing money home and putting food on the table were enough to make them great husbands. In many cases, the result of that was that their wives felt excluded, diminished and seen only as mothers and housewives. Nowadays, many women, in pursuit of financial independence and […]


Interview to Agora Magazine (São Paulo, Brazil)

  The questions Agora Magazine asked us about relationships involved: principles that should be followed, the motives of crisis and how to avoid one, modern threats and how to compromise with balance. Helpful content and tips for those who want to resolve or avoid relationship issues. Based on your experience as a couple, is it […]


How to fight and end up in kissing

  If we presented you with some options concerning what you would like to happen after a fight between you and your partner, which one would you choose? a) Nothing was resolved b) Hearts broken and torn to pieces c) Both of you upset and silent d) Issue resolved and love kisses Certainly, all would go […]


I want to grow, but no one gives me an opportunity

  People who hold mediocre or small job positions usually complain there’s no space for growth in the company or no opportunity for them to occupy higher positions. More often than not, this is a wrong idea. Yes, it is true that in any firm or institution nepotism, politics and corruption may occur. But that […]


What you can learn by observing successful people

  You are and will always be surrounded by people. Whether or not they’re close to you, each of them represents a learning opportunity for you. It’s amazing to see how most people don’t understand a thing about people. They spend their whole life hurting others, ruining relationships, making the same mistakes and basically not […]

Book signing in South Africa

Our book has reached the Bestsellers’ List in South Africa! Cristiane and I will be signing books this Thursday 6pm at Exclusive Books. You’re invited!


Take a look at this absurd Tweet and understand why you need to maintain your marriage bullet-proof

The image from the text above is not an invention. It’s a message that was recently posted on Twitter by someone who was expressing their wishes towards us. “I anxiously await the day that the couple who wrote “Bullet-proof Marriage” file for divorce.” Perhaps it’s just another irreverent comment among the many others that flood […]


Together we will do more

  Marriage is a partnership. He helps her, she helps him, and the two do more together as opposed to separately. I hope that’s how it is in your marriage. This is a video tribute, but not for us. It’s a tribute to all those who helped us help others in 2013. Every like, every […]


Why I stopped being Catholic (3)

  People react differently to the truth. Some people refuse to accept it, they can’t even fathom that their life-long beliefs, the things their parents believed, and so many others, is wrong. Admitting it hurts a lot. For some people, the possibility doesn’t even cross their mind. They can’t even process the information in a […]


Why I stopped being Catholic (2)

  Read the first part of this article here. My experience with devout Catholics is that they’re very sincere, sometimes even more-so than religious believers and others from different religions. My father was one, and the whole family followed in his footsteps. But, when disgrace knocked on our door, all that devotion and religious sincerity […]