Love and choice

To love is a choice, a decision that does not depend on external pressure. I can’t love someone if I don’t have a choice. To love is to be able to choose any other person I want and yet decide to be with only one; it’s to be free to do whatever I want and […]


Money is NOT synonymous with a happy marriage

  In the past, men used to think that bringing money home and putting food on the table were enough to make them great husbands. In many cases, the result of that was that their wives felt excluded, diminished and seen only as mothers and housewives. Nowadays, many women, in pursuit of financial independence and […]


The Feminine vs the Domineering Woman

  True feminine behavior doesn’t mean a wife will always agree with her husband. Sometimes, depending on the situation, it’s necessary to strongly disagree. A woman’s femininity will not disregard her intelligence, rationality and ability to argue valid opinions. In a bulletproof marriage, a STRONG wife is a valuable asset for her husband. She can […]


The 2nd Rule to Successful Communication

  Pay close attention to the signs you send without saying a word. During a conversation, it’s very common for either partner to fold their arms and say, “Go on, tell me what’s bothering you,” but they’re actually saying, “I’d rather be anywhere else than to have this conversation;” all this can be said without […]


The 1st Rule to Successful Communication

  Make an effort to listen and understand each other. You’ll never be able to communicate intelligently without first understanding what the other person wants to say. This is harder than it looks. Not everyone expresses themselves clearly, and sometimes our negative feelings give a different connotation to our words. Stop. Listen. Do not interrupt […]


Love and fashion

  I COME from a place and a time where people used things until they were completely worn out. Everything was expensive, rare and acquired with difficulty. Because of that, things were well taken care of and much valued. Nowadays, people use them only while that FASHION TREND lasts, which is a small fraction of […]


To those who don’t believe in love anymore

  Not believing in love is the same as not believing in God, for God is love. A person who doesn’t believe in love can consider himself an atheist. Just as most atheists do not believe because of disappointment, those who don’t believe in love do so because they’ve never experienced love or have had […]


Jealousy: whose problem is it?

  TITITI – Are you jealous of each other? How do you deal with it? Renato – We have a bit of healthy jealousy [laughing]… I think that zero jealousy is not good. At the beginning, she was more jealous due to her insecurities, but she overcame that when I changed some of my behavior. […]


Interview to Agora Magazine (São Paulo, Brazil)

  The questions Agora Magazine asked us about relationships involved: principles that should be followed, the motives of crisis and how to avoid one, modern threats and how to compromise with balance. Helpful content and tips for those who want to resolve or avoid relationship issues. Based on your experience as a couple, is it […]


EXCLUSIVE interview: Cake Boss & wife Lisa Valastro

  Renato & Cris Cardoso caught up with world famous Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his wife Lisa. The couple talked about how they met, life before fame, the rise to success, marriage, family and the secret to Buddy’s success. During the interview, Renato & Cris gave gifted the couple a copy of their bestselling […]