EXCLUSIVE interview: Cake Boss & wife Lisa Valastro

  Renato & Cris Cardoso caught up with world famous Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his wife Lisa. The couple talked about how they met, life before fame, the rise to success, marriage, family and the secret to Buddy’s success. During the interview, Renato & Cris gave gifted the couple a copy of their bestselling […]


How many hours do you really spend with them?

  One of the worst victims of the busy life we live today is the family. Let’s consider how most people spend their time every week. All of us have 168 hours every seven days, of which we spend in average: 56 hours sleeping 40 hours working 14 hours eating 14 hours using the Internet […]


How to fight and end up in kissing

  If we presented you with some options concerning what you would like to happen after a fight between you and your partner, which one would you choose? a) Nothing was resolved b) Hearts broken and torn to pieces c) Both of you upset and silent d) Issue resolved and love kisses Certainly, all would go […]


The first step to rebuild trust

Rebuilding the relationship after a breakdown of trust between a couple is difficult, but not impossible. If both parties truly want to save the relationship, they must work together. It’s not just the one who made the mistake that needs to work; the other person who wants to trust again needs to work too. The […]


An Interview to Jornal Expresso

Questions from Bibiana Maia, a reporter from Jornal Expresso An Interview with Renato and Cristiane Cardoso Why do you think you are a role-model? We don’t think we are “role-models”. We are just a couple who’s gone through a lot of problems during our first 12 years of marriage, found an efficient way to solve […]


The Bulletproof Marriage Movement

  Bulletproof Marriage is no longer just a book, course, audiobook or souvenir. It has become a movement, a way of thinking and conducting your marriage; not just something you read, come to a momentary conclusion then move on to the next big thing. It has become something that changes the way you look at the world and your love relationship; it makes you think more about your […]


If men and women understand this, they’ll never treat each other the same way again

  If something made you cry when you were a child, your experience was probably a little something like this: If you were a boy: you would cry, then go to your mom or dad for some comfort, and would hear something along the lines of: “Stop crying! You’re a man! Men don’t cry. Stop […]


Why Claudia cheated on Marlon – 4 lessons

  * Claudia and Marlon are fictitious names, but the story is real.   Claudia was hardworking, independent, ambitious and outgoing. She knew what she wanted. If she went after something, she’d get it. She made friends easily. She exuded life. She was married to Marlon for eight years. He was the opposite of her […]


My daughter, my son and the “cobra effect”

  “My dear daughter, study hard, make sure you do well in school, finish college, invest in your professional career, do not do as I did. Be independent and never rely on any men.” “My son, study hard, be somebody, make lots of money, for without money, you’re nobody in this world; and make sure […]


Why do men take long to get help?

  Here’s a fact that’s plain to see: When a couple is going through a crisis, usually it is the woman who makes the first move to get help. In fact, even before the crisis begins, any little issue she is confronted with in the relationship, she’ll probably mention it to her best friend at […]