To those who don’t believe in love anymore

  Not believing in love is the same as not believing in God, for God is love. A person who doesn’t believe in love can consider himself an atheist. Just as most atheists do not believe because of disappointment, those who don’t believe in love do so because they’ve never experienced love or have had […]


Jealousy: whose problem is it?

  TITITI – Are you jealous of each other? How do you deal with it? Renato – We have a bit of healthy jealousy [laughing]… I think that zero jealousy is not good. At the beginning, she was more jealous due to her insecurities, but she overcame that when I changed some of my behavior. […]


The greatest revelation in 25 years

  TITITI – What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your 25 years together? Cristiane – There are many… but what I said concerning using intelligence was the top one! Learning that I had to ignore how I felt and use my head instead was a revelation. I overcame insecurity, jealousy, and the need for […]


A tip to find true love

  TITITI* – You talk about relationships… but what tips would you give those who want to find true love? Cristiane – If you want to find true love, first you yourself have to be lovely [laughing]. Many people are worried about finding someone to love, but first, they themselves have to be happy. The […]


Same rights, different strengths

  TITITI* – What do you think about the Women’s Rights Movement? Cristiane – We take advantage of it. I can be here and do what I do because of it. But there’s a side to it that I don’t like: the idea of equal rights for women is very good, but what we see now […]


Why we hardly ever fight

  TITITI* – On your show, you help couples, you do everything for them to get along, but honestly speaking: how about you? You’ve been together for so long, don’t you ever have a fight? Cristiane – Hardly ever, but that’s only because we’ve learned to deal with our differences. When one is stressed out, the […]


How to overcome insecurity

  Dive deep into sincerity and answer these questions: Do you almost instantly feel jealous when someone has a good idea and people around you like it? Do you see others as a threat to the position you hold? Do you usually belittle someone else’s skill because you are afraid they could grow more than […]


The ‘love at first sight’ myth

  A recent study from The University of Chicago confirms what The Love School has been teaching for quite a while: There is no such thing as love at first sight. Sorry, romantic ones, but it’s difficult to rebut Science. Specialists concluded that what may happen at first sight is mere sexual attraction, a desire stimulated by […]


Interview to Agora Magazine (São Paulo, Brazil)

  The questions Agora Magazine asked us about relationships involved: principles that should be followed, the motives of crisis and how to avoid one, modern threats and how to compromise with balance. Helpful content and tips for those who want to resolve or avoid relationship issues. Based on your experience as a couple, is it […]


EXCLUSIVE interview: Cake Boss & wife Lisa Valastro

  Renato & Cris Cardoso caught up with world famous Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his wife Lisa. The couple talked about how they met, life before fame, the rise to success, marriage, family and the secret to Buddy’s success. During the interview, Renato & Cris gave gifted the couple a copy of their bestselling […]