The idea came to me out of a revolt, born within me on one (1) particular day, I stumbled upon a random article about marriage and how totally out of fashion it has become these days.  The author in question had already written a number of books and was now professing to the world that women shouldn’t bother getting married because they’re in for the biggest disappointment of their lives.  Of course, this writer was probably disillusioned herself and was judging all men to be alike.  However, what really struck me was to realize she was a best-selling author.  Her success was going to influence her followers to believe as she does!

So I began this movement with the help of all my blog readers.  I started making videos to prove that marriage does work and that there are still young people who happily wait to have sex after marriage.

But there was still something inside of me, as if God wanted to do something through me.  Evelyn and I would always reach a position of this same subject “what’s wrong with young women today?”  The more we talked about it, the angrier we became.  We were watching them destroy themselves along with the image of other women, like ourselves, who avoided the same mistakes.

It’s the way they view the world, relationships, families, fashion, and even sex.  Where on earth did women begin to find it attractive to see a man strip?  It’s outrageous!  But it’s happening everywhere, and of course, beginning with Hollywood which has a strange hold on all its blind followers.

So now, it’s not only okay if you’re a pregnant teenager, but it’s also cool!  Never mind that the baby is being born into a single-parent home, whose mother is still a child herself and completely unaware of her new adult responsibilities.   Needless to say that this mother-child figure will still be living like the youngster that she is for a good number of this baby’s years; meanwhile, the baby will grow up with the same mentality…  It’s okay to have sex while you’re young, just have as much “fun” as you can, don’t ever think of the consequences later in life.  And if possible, don’t ever bother if the boyfriend, father of the baby, is unemployed, a drug addict, and utterly oblivious of what a real man should be.

Enough of that!

The point is, girls are learning all this garbage from Hollywood and what do you think society will consist of in ten (10) years’ time?  If today, it is “fine” or “acceptable” to be a 14 year-old clueless mom, how about then?  I can’t even fathom it!

Meanwhile, God’s implementations have not changed and those who have decided to live by them will not suffer the aftermath of a Hollywood brainwashed society presently today.  That’s when an amazing idea formed in my mind…

“What if we start working with a group of young women in the church who have decided to be different?  What if we give them all we know about being Godly and of God?”

Just like Hollywood has used its powers to diminish society, we can use the power that God has given us, His Spirit, to guide young women into uplifting society.  If young women are taught how to be women of God, then society will have better mothers, better wives, better daughters, better co-workers, better families, and better WOMEN who value the good things in life.  Young women who preserve themselves for marriage, who know how to take care of a home and still follow a career, who will not be following fashion’s evil and sexy trends, but in turn God’s directions.

With the help of my long-time good friend Evelyn, the Sisterhood began in December 2009 in Houston, Texas, with a group of 17 young women from the church, some single, some married.  They performed a number of tasks both before and after entering the Sisterhood, all of which have changed them dramatically.

The success was so apparent in the church that the idea circulated to other churches throughout the United States and the world.  In just a few months, we became thousands.  And by the end of the year, we opened the V-Woman for women who are 30 and better and the Pre-Sisterhood for girls ages 8 – 13 years old.

Godllywood was truly inspired by God and has slowly but surely transformed the lives of many women in just over a year of existence.  I’m excited for what’s still to come within the next few years!