Godllywood Challenge 86

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Godllywood Challenge 86

Dear friends, we are almost at the end of the Godllywood Challenge. :) How many of you have done all the challenges since we started last year? Hmm… I’d love to know! I know that many of you only found out about the Godllywood Challenge this year, while others a short time ago, but I also know that many of you joined the Challenge when we started it, but how many are still doing it, huh? Leave your comments this week, ok?

Next week, I’ll post the last challenge, but it doesn’t mean we’ll stop there; something new is about to begin, which I will reveal to you on the first Saturday of the year, hehehe! :)

The challenge this week is a continuation of Godllywood Challenge 36. Do you remember when we suggested you saved money until the end of the year? How is it going? Today’s challenge is to use the money you saved in the best possible way, e.g. to pay off a debt, to start a new course, to buy something that will really help you in 2014, or maybe to invest in something that will give you greater return in the future. When you finish this task, post the following on our Facebook page, “I ​​have money saved up and now it’s time to use it. #GodllywoodChallenge 86”.

And for those who are catching up with the previous challenges… Obviously, you have not yet done the task above; so I’d suggest you do the three tasks below:

Identify what it is that takes away too much of your precious time, which you could spend doing something much bigger and better, and choose a more practical way to do it. Many people spend hours doing something that could be done in minutes. Click on this link for some ideas that will help you to do this task. When you finish, post the following on our Facebook page: “My time is precious #GodllywoodChallenge 86-24”.

Examine your behavior. Identify what’s been stopping you from being a reference of God in the world. Once you identify what it is, make a list of the things you can start doing from now on, or small personal tasks that can help you conquer your goal. When you finish this task, post the following on our Facebook page: “I invest in things that can help me become a better person #GodllywoodChallenge 86-25”.

During this week, think about the people around you at home, at school, at work, at church, on the street, etc. What would you love them to do for you? Then, do it for them. Look for opportunities to do so. The more you do it, the more this task will help you. When you finish this task, post the following on our Facebook page: “I do for others what I’d like them to do for me #GodllywoodChallenge 86-26”.

P.S. The picture above is from a women’s meeting we had on Saturday in Trinidad & Tobago… This week, I’ll tell you more about what we spoke about. :-)


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  1. sindiswa Olivier Disse:

    Thanks Mrs Cris

    I remember all these challenges , and they have helped me a great deal…. I can’t wait for what’s coming up next year… I’m gonna be in it , heart and soul… Cause I believe it will be a blessing in my life as the challenges have been.

    Lots of <3

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  2. ndapandula ndeitya Disse:

    hi mrs Christiane I hve been doing my challenges faithfully n this week I am doing my challenge 85.

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  3. Hélène Mukundi Disse:

    Hi Mrs Christiane ,thank you for this message to make me stronger ,Istroggled with many things in this year but how great is God I find often were I can find the way out.I believe it will be a great and bless things coming up next year .once I need strengh to overcome what I think is blockage.
    the is now my way out to be in good relationship with God .

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  4. Josephine Disse:

    Hi Mrs cris

    I was still doing the challenges, however got stuck on the 22 challenge at the beginning of the campaign but I will continue this week.

    Its being great doing the challenges and I love Godllywood so much. I have a lot to be thankful to the challenges, you have been a blessing to me. God bless you abundantly.

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  5. Ntsikie Dyakopu Disse:

    Hallo Mrs Cris

    I started doing the challenges when we started and I never stopped only because of the changes Godllywood challenge did in my life. The Godllywood Challenges were not easy, they are really challenges, but they made me to be woman I’ve been longing to be and even more than that. I am certainly up for “somthing new” that is coming for 2014 with the assurance that through it, I will be a better me.

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