Godllywood Challenge 7

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“A vulgar woman is like an item on sale, exposing all for anyone to see, touch and try on. Thrown on top of boxes. Everyone picks up, tries on and throws down after. Cheap and without any protection. Her customers aren’t special either. They’re looking for the best offer.” — Bishop Macedo

When we talk about a vulgar woman, what immediately comes to mind is a scandalous woman dressing provocatively, however, vulgarism is much more than that… see below some synonyms of this word:

  • Banal—With no originality
  • Common—Of little value
  • Ordinary—Mediocre; that does go beyond common level
  • Trivial—known by all

This means that a woman can even dress discreetly but she can still be vulgar due to her behavior. When she is easily influenced by fashion, crowds, by the circumstances, she loses her originality and becomes like everyone else. A woman that isn’t worth much doesn’t stand out from the crowd.

When we find a piece of clothing on every corner, in the market—what do we conclude about its value? When no difference is made in this world, in other words, you’re a daughter just like every other daughter, a wife just like every other wife, a student just like any other student—you’re just like everyone else and also vulgar.

This week’s task is to firstly answer the following questions:

1. How do you dress? Would you consider yourself a discreet woman or do you like to wear clothes that call attention to your body?

2. How do you behave at home? Do you do what others (wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, friends) do or do you try to make a difference?

3. Which culture do you follow? Your own or every other woman’s in your society?

4. What value do you seek the most? Your own or one that comes from what you do and what you have ?

5. Do you influence or are you influenced?

When answering these questions to yourself, you will know if you have been vulgar or not. Your second task for the week will be for you to do something that makes a difference to other people too.

Post something from the second task, on our Facebook page.

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  1. Siphiwe Mahlangu Disse:

    Hi, Mrs Christiane may i kindly receive weekly Godlywoodchallenge

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  2. Melissa Disse:


    R1:Mi manera de vestirme es muy prudente. R1.2:NO porque nunca me ha gustado llamar la atención de los demás.

    R2:En mi casa me gusta ayudar,comunicarme con mis familiares y orientarlos en sus momentos difíciles. R2.1: busco dar testimonio y asi hacer la diferencia en mi hogar por tanto no me considero como las demás chicas.

    R3:Mis tendencias a seguir son obedecer la Palabra de Dios,dejarme guiar por el Espíritu Santo realizando aquello que el me pide(ganar almas) R3.1:La mía propia a tal punto de no dejarme llevar por los demás.

    R4:El mio propio en el sentido de que las demás mujeres no vean estos desafíos como para lucir bien y SI para madurar y valorarse de manera Espiritual porque es eso lo que vale.

    R5:Hago que los demas sean influenciados por mi a traves de los buenos ejemplos que yo refleje hacia los demas.

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  3. Lindiwe Disse:

    The questions from this task they indeed helped to find my self again .I’ve done my GODLLYWOODCHALLENGE#7

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  4. dorah Disse:

    II’m so excited to do these week challenge hope god help me to do a difference that will bless someone life..

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  5. Ahikire lerryn peace Disse:

    # Godlywood challenge 7 has made me to learn how to do good things and even give to them freely and i should not always aim at giving and receiving in return.At first it was not easy but i enjoyed it later.Thank you Mrs Chris.

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  6. franjeska Disse:

    1.I dress always discreet, I used to have trouble with it but now it’s the most natural thing in the world for me. because I thought I had to dress attractive to be appreciated. but GOD has taken that away from me
    I used to have trouble with it there but now it’s the most natural thing in the world

    2recently I make a difference at home.My House was always a mess I’m 19 but living all on myself.I’m still trying to learn. but keep the House clean, I have the hang of it.but because I only live there is not really someone for which I serve to ensure than my little dog bounty hahaha.

    3.I follow my own culture for a long time. I want nothing more of the world’s culture. I hate it it’s just useless. but my own culture is conect to the biblical terms. because I live for God.

    4.know very well what value I want. I recently read the v-woman book and I want that appreciation. that the women used to have. I really want to be a vurtious women. a who brings GOD glory!

    I influenced
    because I am different than the people in the world.they see a different attitude from me. other features and ways that the people of the world do not have. and even though they say it’s not. they want to be like we the children of God.
    I influencedbecause I am different than the people in the world.they see a different attitude from me. other features and ways that the people of the world do not have. and even though they say it’s not. they want to be like we the children of God

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  7. christa Disse:

    1. I wld like 2 cal myself a discrete woman. Since I started attending church services I felt like I have to be presentable to GOD the way I dress.
    2. At home I am quiet sometimes, I get along with my family well. We do most is the things together.
    3. I am in my own culture of No culture. In this modern day u may find yoself torn in between. Its better to be in the presence of God.
    4. The value I seek the most is trust, being a young lady its nice when u leave yo house jus 4 a while and no1 worries where u are, evn f they d but dat kind of trust of no worries wat u doing because they trust you I value.
    5. I am not influenced as I have learned how to live my life as a child of God. Avoiding some friends and distructive things. Somehow I mayb a good influence to peers as they look up 2 me so the way I act and speak with them.
    I have done my GODLLYWOOD CHALLENGE #7, the way I walk, talk, and dress makes a difference to others and mostly how approach them.

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  8. Alejandra Granados Disse:

    #1 After knowing God for so long, and after hearing the advice that the pastor and his wife have given, I changed my way of dressing. I can proudly say that I dress discretely. I don’t like to or want to call attention to my body.
    #2 At home, I try my best to go beyond. If I see that there is something to be done, I don’t wait to be told to do it. At first, I would see something placed in the wring place and I would go off on everyone but now, I find that if this happens, I fix it myself. I love my home and I want it to look beautiful for God and for my family.
    #3 I follow my own culture. I am now nineteen years old and I can proudly say that I have never had a boyfriend. I do not know about night clubs, and what many women tend to invest their money in, I don’t even think about. I don’t follow fashion to be in when I know that it’s vulgar and instead, I look for examples like you to wear something nice. :)
    #4 I don’t have much so instead, I seek the value that I have. When I know that I am valuable, I know that I can help a lot more. In order to show others that they are valuable, I have to understand my own value first.
    #5 I influence. For the past couple of months and ever since I made my DECISION in the Fast of Daniel, I have become a new person and have grown spiritually. My little sister has noticed this change and me and now she comes to me for advice when she has questions. She wants to be more spiritually involved as well. She sees a friend in me that she can always trust.

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  9. Yandiswa Disse:

    the Godllwoowchallenge no:7 brought a change to me firstly in the way I dress more especially when I go to church, It made me realise that I need to learn to give becouse I haven’t been a cheerfull giver wether in church or to other people in general ,And after this challenge i always want to do things to influence others and at home to influence my daughter

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  10. sindi Disse:

    1 Mrs Cardoso Your dress code shores who you are. I am the light in darkness so i must dress different to cover my body because i have nothing to offer the world and i value my self and my body is the temple of god.

    2 My behavior i am trying .As a mother i make a difference .before i go to work i clean my house and make a breakfast for my kids before they go to school i make shore they’re looking smart .

    3 I don’t do culture things .as a woman of god people around me they must see the difference in me in order for them to follow christian life.

    4 The value i seek the most is the one that comes from what i do . because in everything i do i am doing it with my all.

    5 I influence because i influenced by someone i will end up taking wrong decisions .The decisions are my choice no matter the out comes if they come wrong i have to face them if they are wright then i will be happy.

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  11. Betty Disse:

    1. I have always been keen on how I dress, even though sometimes it’s off fashion but rather remain discreet as much as possible.

    2. I recently backed down in the way I used to handle situations in my house and I noticed that all that I had worked hard for had just gone down the drain.

    3. I follow my own culture, aiming to be a role model in my society, my family and in the work of God to be a true Woman of God.

    4. By valuing myself, made me loose connections that seemed or were a threat to myself worth. However, I fight always to give value and also for whatever I do to be of value someone else.

    5. I don’t compromise, so I influence those around me because I want to be the difference and therefore whatever I do, how I speak, my character and attitude I observe them carefully.


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  12. Rackel Brathwaite Disse:

    1.i would like to call myself a classic woman.since I started attending church.i felt like I have to be presentable to God
    2,recently I make a difference at home.my house was always a mass because my son is a baby an I work mostly all day I have no time.i’m still trying to keep thing organize.
    3,I follow my own culture for as I know.i want nothin more of any other culture.
    4,I know very well what’s value I want.i want that appreciation.that the woman used to have.
    5,I am different than the people in the world.they see a different attitude from me and even though they say it’s not.they want to be like we the children of God
    Godllywood challenge #7

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