Godllywood Challenge 29

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Godllywood Challenge 28

I made this slide with the best pictures! LOL I got to know the assistant Rosana, who moved recently to our town and was transferred to our church, and I was so happy to find out she also does the Godllywood Challenge! We went out on a girl day out together with another friend of mine whom I’ve not kept in touch for awhile. This was so great, because we got to know each other and shared amazing experiences, besides all the laughter we enjoyed with one another! I just loved this challenge!!! I want more of this!!!

It’s so good to read comments such as these! The Godllywood Challenge is creating friendship bonds and sharing kindness in a world that has despised it. Normally, people want friends on their Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter, but what kind of friends can these people be? Where are they when you need a word of encouragement, an understanding shoulder, or simply patient ears? They’re there online, posting stuff about themselves, with no clue on what you really need at that moment.

The Godllywood Challenge 29 can be as hard as that one of no suger, or even harder… but I guarantee you, it’ll do you wonders. You’ll remove all the friends you don’t know personally from your Facebook account or any other social media and you’ll keep only those you know. If you add anybody, you might want to make sure you know them personally from now on.

The number of friends whom you keep there is the number you truly have. Now you can give them the attention they deserve. Now you can find out what they’re doing, what’s going on with them, after all, they’re not hidden amidst all those other strangers who think they’re your friend…

And for a second task this week, write something kind on the wall of three of your friends.

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  1. chanelle Mckenzie Disse:

    I have recently already not only deleted a few people on Facebook that i don’t know but i deleted people who are no use to my Facebook and who’s was never adding to my life in the first place. But for this challenge i will go over my Facebook again to make sure and also the first person i will post a nice message to is the friend i am getting to know from the challenge 28 and i will decided on the other two.

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  2. vanessa drogba Disse:

    im loving this task, great im going to get cracking.

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  3. Saziso Disse:

    I deleted 248 people so far and I still think there are more to be deleted! I thought that I was one of those who was sensible with accepting requests but I’ve learnt that I haven’t been. Just because you know of someone doesn’t mean that you know them! I Upon reflection, I realised that I only really communicated with a handful of people on my list Its a great task to encourage me to use Facebook as a means of communication with those that I know.

    What I get is that friendship is more than just a word or a label. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter (for those hwo use it as a means to communicate directy with people) have distorted the idea of true friendship. We’ve become lazy as friends and I believe that the spirit behind of this task is to encourage us to restore the true meaning of friendship in our own lives. I’m definitely taking the steps to make more of an effort with my friendships through this

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  4. Jhaun-neiki Josephs Disse:

    This task is similar to an meeting that we had that Bishop Macedo spoke about, and he said that his secret for lasting in The Presence of God is the fact that he doesnt nor never did mix with anyone of the world nor thoes who didnt take his faith seriously… and this is my faith aswell.

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  5. Abigail Disse:

    So far I have deleted facebook pages, that were useless to my life, people that I added due to wanting attention, and people that just don’t add anything to my life. What I noticed through this is that I don’t need that unknown people on my facebook for me to feel more popular and to feel wanted, because I’m a diamond and I’ve got my actual true friends not people that live in like other countries that I dont even know their real name and I’ve never even seen them before. There’s still more to go..

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  6. Puseletso Disse:

    Im going to delete all the friends that i don`t know in my facebook because i end only looking at how many friends i have in facebook and end up not giving attention to those who are my real friends

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  7. Puleng Ncokazi Disse:

    This is so true, i have deleted all the “strange friends” from my Facebook account. While doing it i was surprised by how many i had and yet they were not adding a thing to my life but just taking space. I will surely refresh my account more frequently to avoid this ever happening again.

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  8. Aryella Brum Disse:

    I had done this and it was not easy but it did help me focus more with my spiritual life and not bother with other people’s life’s

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  9. Sheryl Disse:

    Deleting the friends whom I do not benefit from made me realize that and donot know helped me manage the ones I know and I got to interact with them on a better level.

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  10. Busisiwe Monica Maqungwana Disse:

    I am working on it right now course it is true I have to many friends some don’t knw I have to give attention to those whom I know and close to me.

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  11. Busisiwe Monica Maqungwana Disse:

    I have deleted about 50 people on my facebook it was not easy but I did it.know I am able to give attention to those who are really my friends.I thank God for the challenge 29 it helped me a lot.

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  12. Josephine Disse:

    Good day

    I had so many contacts on my social networks that I was not even interacting or even know them personally. I took time to remove them and reained with those that I know and I can give attention to.

    Its funny cause on most of that contacts the only time we spoke was when they said “thanks for accepting” Lol

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  13. Beatrice Ralefatane Disse:

    i am going to do this challenge soon

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  14. Beatrice Ralefatane Disse:

    everyday and everytime

    i lookd at my facebook and i get people thou even i don’t know sometimes you get morethan 300 people in you facebook the need to be you friend or to use you facebook as is like the facebook and even the can not respect you others the are even not the people of the church the do not know God at all the even not you friend but the still need to be you friend on the facebook othrs the even do not know your face but the still need to know you on the facebook don’t know them but they we come back on you facebook i fill so bed about this people i even remove them from my facebook but the we come back and you every tall them that you don’t know them even the do not have to be in you facebook or to be you friend but the we come back you can see them back and back and back i fill so bad i just need thou i know them not thou i don’t know them and i don’t need the bad friends in my facebook

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