Godllywood Challenge 21

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This past week, through Godllywood Challenge 20, I was very strict in regards to myself. The Holy Spirit had been charging me for some time. Every day, I got dressed really nicely for Him, but what I did even more differently was to speak to Him more. Sometimes we get so overloaded with things that we stop depending on Him – and this is a recipe for disaster! So, I have given my projects to God and have asked His direction toward all of them… These challenges have been so good for me!

Now on Challenge 21, we’re going to use a bit more of our creativity, but don’t worry if you think you don’t have any – know that everyone has creativity. It’s because you don’t use it so often that you think like that. It’s the same as a muscle, when you use it, it appears, when you don’t use it… It disappears.

This task was actually really suggested to me by my friend Patricia Lages, who has been giving us some precious tips in regards to money matters – Do you know about her portfolio here on my site? Click here.
“1 piece of clothing, 3 looks”

It’s simple: simply choose a piece of clothing (shirt, skirt, dress, or…) and create 3 different looks. So, not only will you exercise your creativity and economize a bit, you’ll see you don’t have to have a huge closet to dress well.

It’s going to be super fun! What about using Twitter to show off this task? We’ll all include #Challenge21 @Godllywood and attach a picture of the day. For those of you who are not used to use this method, it can seem hard in the beginning; but don’t be afraid, with time, you’ll see it’s much easier than Facebook! You just have to play around with it to learn. :)

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  1. Melissa Prudencio Disse:

    seus desafios me enpoucam bastante almenta meu nivel de alto estima e me faz ser uma nova mulher a cada desafio concluido , q Deus te abençoe vc e a tua familia e ate a proxima

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  2. pinkyn Disse:

    Thanks Mrs Cardoso

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  3. Sibon Phiri Disse:

    I am in

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  4. Eunice Thombe Disse:

    Thank u Mrs cris I’m on it.

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  5. Nonkululeko Disse:

    I did this task and it take me 10 days to get it done,at
    last I did it I used to wear the shirt with so many clothes but it
    just forgetted when I have to do the task#LOL

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  6. Eunice Thombe Disse:

    I did the task its teaching and fun thank u for helping us.

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  7. Eunice Thombe Disse:

    I did the task its teaching and fun thank u for helping us. Mrs Cardoso

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  8. vuyokazi jani langa branch cptn Disse:

    I am in ..not that i dont normaly o this i do it a lot these days coz i ahve gained some wheght so am wearing balckwhite at work i ahve few items that I wear the whole week same clothes bt diffent styles so it sems like i am changing evryday ;-)

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  9. Josephine Disse:

    Good day Mrs Cris

    I have the Godllywood challenge 21

    This challenge made me realize that I don’t have to always shop for new clothes but I can use the clothes that I already have.

    I am becoming a better woman everyday. Thank you.

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  10. samukeliso Disse:

    I have done Godllywood challenge # 21.What an experience

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  11. Jesica Disse:

    .!! Definately so in to this challenge !!!!.

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  12. roseline aveza Disse:

    am working on it,thank you.

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    i am working to do it

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  15. RobinAlfred Disse:

    When Iwent to the godllywood event I enjoy and listing to what it was about so that it could help me to carry myself as a young lady

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