Godllywood Challenge 15

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To be happy with life is to be happy with oneself. You may not be perfect, you may make mistakes once in a while and may even leave a lot to be desired in many areas of your life but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to be happy. One of the most marvelous things about life is precisely how it uses our imperfections for our own benefit. Do you know how? By making us do better next time.

During these past few months, where have you gone wrong or left to be desired. Think about two things and use them this week for your own benefit.

Example one. Perhaps you lost a friend because you said something you shouldn’t have. This week you are going to find that person and ask for forgiveness with a gift in your hand, not because you are buying her forgiveness, but to show that friend how much she means to you. Your friendship with her will grow closer and it will be stronger than ever before.

Another example. You did bad things that distanced your from God. This week you will return to God with all of your strength and this time your are going to give yourself to Him completely- in other words, you are going to do something for Him that you’ve never done before. Your relationship with God is going to be so much better than before making all of the mistakes you made.

This is your task this week. As proof, you are going to post the results of both tasks on Facebook.com/godllywood.

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  1. Ruddy Castro Disse:


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    • valdeci assis silva pedra Disse:


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  2. Venessa Disse:

    Well for the past few month, I never really offend a friend because they depart from my presence based on the fact that am now serving God. But I have done something against the will of God which is lying, not to hurt anyone but to escape from situation but its wrong to feed the devil. So I made a vow never to lie again because it shows lack of trust in him who is a just God. After making my vow, I started working in the hospital for the first time and the boss gave me run around on how they operate in the office including when we should lie for her. And for the sake of my God who is my priority i stood up to her and make her aware that i won’t be lying under no circumstances she can send me to another department.
    And on top of that i sacrifice a day of my first week of training to fund raise for the temple of Solomon, i know its not in vein and will continue fund raising, i will be successful. (In Faith).

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  3. Franjeska van Leenden Disse:

    I told my God that I will stop with lying and be fals to anyone.
    Because some time I am in a circumstances that if I don’t lie, I will come in trouble but from now on. I will do the treu nomatter what!!

    And so today I am clean for sure.
    I now that my mind is clean.
    So when I talk to God I don’t feel unright when I ask him for help.

    But I know that the devil will fight hard back, bad in Jezus name I wil overcome!!!

    Franjeska From Holland xxx

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  4. yojanna Disse:

    si sra es verdad siempre me he acostumbrado a orar en la madrugada buscando la presencia de Dios pero la semana anterior tuvimos una misión en la IURD ya q formo parte del ejercito y me levantaba a orar no a buscar la presencia de Dios sino x las almas y eso me ha hecho sentir muy mal es problema de conciencia pero esta semana retome otra vez mi busquedad después de pedir perdón he buscado y gracias a Dios me esta yendo muy bien. Por otro lado ofendí a una de mis mejores amigas con algo q dije y he estado pasando mal pero ya la busque pedí perdón ofrecí el regalo pero lo mas grande q le pude ofrecer fue mi verdadera amistad.

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  5. shathiso Disse:

    I didn’t hurt any of friends but my task for these challenge was to keep myself close to God by returning to the first love because I have realized that the reason why sometimes my life seems stuck in one place is because iam only concerned about my material blessings and forgot about the vow that I made with God that I will serve him even in hard moments of my life. Since I started committing myself in doing the things of God like cleaning the church and making sure that everything is well organized, helping others and doing other duties in the house of God I don’t lack anything God provides for all my needs and open the doors of success for my life right now I just finished my job training and I have already stated my job as a branding ambassador I really enjoy doing my job and I thank God for everything.

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  6. Boitumelo Malatsi Disse:

    In things challenge i choose to spend more time with the youth that God has entrusted me to lead and i ask my pr if i could visit the churches in my region in order to blow the trumpet to the other youth and i decided to cut all ties with the people who always want to put me down spiritually.

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  7. Agnes Njinga. Disse:

    In last month i kept on making vows that i could not fulfil before God and this affected my spiritual life and as a result made to me to be far from God,to fix things i told God that i will not make any vow again until i fulfil those vows that i did,wow i feel so happy and peaceful.

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  8. Agnes Njinga. Disse:

    I made many vows that i did not fulfil,i had a tendency of taking an envelope while i stil had plenty to fulfil,sometimes i would present fasts and break them beford time. I told God that i will not make any vow until i fulfil the ones i have as this character was giving me problems and making me to be far from God.

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    This challenge really helps us to grow especially when doing the work of God.
    This week i went to the church (on the days that i served) and i took newspapers before the service, to envangelise.

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  10. christa Disse:

    All my frands r gud n happy but I made a vow nt to lie but over n over I find myslf tellng lies. Espcl @wrk whn I want tym off lie is e only excuse to go hom. I pray dat I don’t kip on making e same mistakes as e vows benefit me e mos. I have done my #GODLLYWOOD. CHALLENGE 15, Being true in evrythng I do.

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  11. vuyokazi jani Disse:

    i have already done godlywood 15 task 1 i had a frend we
    were not talking for about 3 yrs so last week i made first move and
    i call here she called mye back we r now in speaking terms thank
    you Jesus i have humbled myself forgivn her ..peety wont be able to
    take photo wth here coz she is far ways frm me

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    TASK 1

    This week i had to reconcile with a lady i used to be friends with 5years back, worse part when i got to her home she had move to a different town.
    I never gave up till i found her on “social network”.

    she was not happy that i found her cause she had in her mind that i hate her
    but when i told her i contacted her to reconcile she became happy.
    To top it all off the present i posted her, made her feel realy special hey.. :-) .

    I thank God that i made an old friend happy and made piece with the past :-) .


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  13. Josephine Disse:

    This week I decided to serve more and take time in the house of God, give more counselling to the people who needed some encouragement. I once again saw the need of the souls that need to be taken care of in the church.

    I normally change the flowers in the house of God once every 2 weeks, I have decided that now since is summer I will change them weekly.

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  14. thando nhlapo Disse:

    godllywood challenge#15
    i ignored my responsibilities of the youth..i no longer made meetings with them..but i decided to take a different turn because the devil becomes happy if we ignore souls…so im always doing what i was called to do…im always serving even in the youth im fighting for the kingdom of god to grow..because what we plant we will reap

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  15. abigail mgijima Disse:

    with this task i dedicated more time to pray like i used to and attended the church as much as i could and i have seen a huge difference in my spiritual life and that has been great cause i see alot of growth in my spiritual life.

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  16. Amber Disse:

    I figured out I ws a bit far from God. so these week I gve my self time to search deep wth in me why I was so far nd thank God I am so happy with my self.

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  17. Debbie Disse:

    Part 1
    I kind of did this a couple of weeks back… to cut a long story short, I spoke to one of the pastors wives who was in my branch the lat time I applied to be in Godllywood. I had left it ages before I really spoke to her to properly get the chance to speak to her about why i didn’t make it lat time. Which was wrong, not only because it was kind of wrong for me to expect her to remember from all that while ago but she also highlighted that I was proud in only just coming to her now after all that time. I was a bit taken aback when she said this but i received what she said and really went away to think about what she was saying. She also spoke about the friends I used to have, they were also one of the reasons I was unsuccessful which I did not see at the time. I am glad i spoke to her, in hindsight, I can now see what i was unable to see in the past and I’m now extra cautious not to make the same mistakes but also I made an effort to speak to an Assistant about myself about myself now to get direction on how to work on myself now, I also spoke to a friend who helped me through what she learnt in Godllywood. She helped me question why,why and why in order to find out where my attitude/ mistake had come from.

    Part 2
    Therefore say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Return to me,” says the Lord of hosts, “and I will return to you,” says the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 1:3)
    In order to do this, I did something that I haven’t done before, I found out when sunrise would be each day this week and I set an alarm to wake up and seek God each morning.

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    i as i myself iam happy everyday to be in God hands because he kwon my life so everyday iam happy to God , to the people and to myself

    this is my godllywoodchallenge15

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  19. buyiswa panduva Disse:

    This challenge helps me alot because i had afriend of mine we are r not talking as we used to talk before . The reason i thought its what l said to her .the following day she posted it on facebook asking people what would they do if they were in her shoes about what i said to her but no answered her and that day i make an effort to meet her .I bought a gift for her and i apologise

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