Godllywood Challenge 14

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For those of you who took advantage of task # 13 this past week and saw how easy it is to decide to concentrate on good things, for sure you will now be a much more pleasant person. Many people don’t know that the majority of problems they face are opportunities to make them stronger and better, and sadly, instead of taking advantage of them, they fall before them.

In this week’s task, we will have a similar challenge with two tasks. In the same way that you decided not to cry or get sad and create reasons to be happy, this week you are going to decide to keep up with this spirit and decide to love yourself. How?
One of the things that I enjoy doing is taking photos of myself. When we like our appearance, wether it be when wear a dress, a creative hairstyle, or when apply makeup with great care, we immediately think about taking a photo of ourselves. Do you know why? Because we are liking ourselves, loving ourselves. We only save memories of what makes us happy.

Which is why this week you are going to do that. You are going to dress up, apply your make-up with dedication, make an effort to apply your make-up nicely, but just for the record, it must be done elegantly and discretely at the same time, none of that “HEY, LOOK, I’M HERE”. You are also going to take care in fixing your hair as well. Think about accessories, wear them in accordance to your clothing.

If you are somewhere cold and you are going to step outside, why not wear a hat? If you are somewhere warm, think about earrings, necklaces, rings… in other words, everything must be within discretion and feminine elegance – and take photos of each new look.

Your second task will be to choose a day in this week in which you will be very creative with your appearance. Wear colors, accessories that you’ve never worn. And if you want to do a little more, make a necklace to wear this week, a necklace that no one else will have and it will be called “Godllywood Necklace.”

Post your photos on our Facebook page Facebook.com/godllywood and don’t forget to leave your comments here about how you liked and loved yourself this week.


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  1. Lebo Mfolo Disse:

    I love these godlywood challenges even though I just started doing them.
    Thank you Cris


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  2. Quezia Vilon Disse:

    Olá D Cris,
    Quero registrar minha participação nesse desafio 14, foi excelente, pudi ter o privilegio de deixar a correria de lado e investir no meu look, porq na maioria das vezes agente não se preocupa em nos olhar e ver como estamos, se estamos bem aprenzentavel, se estamos bonitas e entre outra coisas, e com essa tarefa andei com a minha auto estima em alta, Muito obrigada pelas maravilhosas tarefas do desafio Godlwood.

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  3. nayeli Disse:

    me encanta todo esto, me siento tan diferente

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    Hey, I’m a lady from Bloemfontein, SA and at our church we have decided to start doing the Godllywood Challenges. Do you think we should start off with the first Godllywood Challenge of should we just start with the recent Godllywood Challenge?? WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU GUYS!!!

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  5. ester de jesus Disse:

    Hi Mrs Cristiane I’m very happy this week it was wonderful I’m not use to apply makeup every day. I have never seen my self this beautiful
    and that made me so happy this week.
    God Bless All..

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  6. Tanya Campbell Disse:

    This challenge was a beautiful one on those days (I must say) because it made me feel and look beautiful that I can’t decribe it. I love the Challenge # 14. It’s the dream of all women to look elegant everyday. I will remember this challenge, this is one thing in all of us women.

    # Godllywood Challenge 14

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  7. yojanna Disse:

    hola sra esta semana me he dedicado mas a mi a mi vida espiritual, a mi apariencia física sabe me hace sentir muy bien dedicarme mas a mi sacar ese tiempito para mi ahí le publique la foto con mis accesorios solo q no use collar ya q la blusa q llevaba no daba para usar pero me puse unas pulseras y unos aretes que no usaba xq yo decía que eran muy llamativos ya q siempre me ha gustado usar aretes bien pequeños y a veces ni siquiera usaba pero estoy dispuesta a cambiar gracias x sus tarea. que Dios la Bendiga.

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  8. tania Disse:

    Helo my name is Tania and doing challenge #14 was kind hard but I enjoyed doing it because I learned how to stuff to my self for example I wear bright colors but dressie and that hope me more how to dress neatly.I well keep on doing challenge #14.

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  9. Andrea Martinez Disse:

    My Name is Andrea and well what can I say Challenge for 14 has becomed a little hard because Since I no longer go to school I don’t do my hair as much and my make up as and well and this week I had to wake up extra early then the usual to get my self ready and make my self look pretty. But it was worth the time because I’m getting back to my regular self of how i was in High school when I used to get up extra early just to go to school and Well now I don’t do it for the reason of going to school But for the Reason that i Have to take really good care of my self and to be presentable in front of Gods eyes.

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  10. ERILENE ALVES Disse:

    eu tambem gosto muito de tirar fotos de mim mesma, eu mim amo e mim
    acho linda, gostei muito dessa tarefa

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  11. Pinky Disse:

    My name is Pinky and I’m doing Godllywood thanks I believe I will grow I know I started late with challenge but that won’t stop me thanks Mam

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  12. Vuyokazi Mancoba Disse:

    In this challenge I really felt good about myself,and I am someone who dont like to put make up and I did’nt even know to put it properly but I now after this challenge I’ve decided to use it more often.

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  13. Eunice Thombe Disse:

    Hello Mrs Cristiane I enjoy doin my godlywood challenges
    they ar veyry helpful I’m doing my Godlwood challenge #14 and it is
    awesome helping in knowing how to dress and apply make up. It helps
    me to be more lady thanks u so much.

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  14. Judith Disse:

    challenge #14

    I ‘m that person who takes photos when the occasion/enviroment requires I never dressed up enjoyed taking pictures anytime, also being shy took a great part of that. This challenge came at the right time I enjoyed myself will continue doing this.

    thank u.

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  15. zikhona Disse:

    ohw loved these challenges a lot because i had some time for myself making myself beautiful.

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  16. princess Disse:

    Good morning …i am princess im doing the Godllywood challenge # 14 ..first of all thank you very much Mrs.Cristiane for all the task in Godllywood im thankful for having one of this Group doing Godllywood challenge its a big Change to my self a transformation …i learn,i change,im getting better and most especially im discpline for this Task its not easy but very challenging to me…i beleive this is the first step there will be more exciting and challenging task that will help me and those girls who are willing to take this challenges may God bless us all…i am more confident and realise that i need to love and be happy for who i am….amen..God is always wants the Best for those who are willing to change….

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  17. preciousn@medscheme.co.za Disse:

    Dear Mrs Cardoso in this task i have learn that we have to re-present God the image of from the in and out side thanks


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  18. Zanele Dabengwa Disse:

    Hellow Mrs. Cris. Thank you so much for the Godllywood challenges. I’m doing #Godllywood 14 and I love the way I look daily because it brings out that special beauty in me. With the make-up everyday, it’s exciting and really great.

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  19. Nyaradzo Gubevu Disse:

    This week’s challenge helped me to see that i look more
    beautiful when i add make-up and also colours to my dressing,i
    learnt that i have to take care of my beauty because it make me
    feel more elegant, it add a lot of confidence and it makes me to
    love myself more.

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  20. karen simoko Disse:

    godllywoodchalklenge #14done This challenge was very
    interesting ,what l enjoyed most was the make up application and my
    new look.l now have a new colour in my accessory kit and am
    planning on adding more colours.I used to limit myself to colours
    thinking that they would never match my clothes, thanks to this
    challenge l will venture more in different colours.

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  21. Alice Chimumvuri Disse:

    lam not used of applying makeup evertime but this week l did and l had new looks everyday l even wore orange and purple colors that l had but was not confident enough to wear them.
    l made my own purple Godllywood necklace together with the matching earrings and it was very beautiful. As a woman l learnt that l should be very creative,try new things and always love myself.

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  22. Nonsikelelo Ncube Disse:

    I am that person who doesn’t like to wear necklaces and make up but this time when I challenged myself I looked different and I will continue doing it.

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  23. ZANELE NKALA Disse:

    These challenges they are a blessing to me because they are helping me to break the routine of wearing jeans replacing with dresses.

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  24. Crodelia Gurupira Disse:

    This challenge made me to love my appearance and myself more. I also made a necklace (GODLLYWOOD Necklace) that matched with the different colors I was wearing and applying make-up enhanced the beauty on my face. It also made me to realize that I don’t have to wait for a special occassion to wear make-up or something nice.

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  25. Elitha Disse:

    This week was blessing for me l looked different in new colours l have never worn , Godllywood has been a blessing for me .

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  26. Molyn Watambwa Disse:


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  27. Viola Ndlovu Disse:

    I enjoyed this week’s challenge because I added more new colours to my wardrobe that I had not worn before and I loved the idea of wearing make up every day. I felt great and beautiful.

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  28. Tafadzwa Zeka Disse:

    in this challenge i lernt a lot, that helped me to appreciate myself, love and care. i also did something that i have never done (wearing jewellery and puting some accessories) in all this i paid attention in being discreet.

    secondly i learnt to make a necklace and it was a good experience, finally wore it with a simple stripped black and white dress, that i never wore before

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  29. Gamu Disse:

    I never used to like the colour green in this challenge I jus told myself to go for it and I loved the Way I looked.On top of this the process of making my Godllywood necklace made me realise how creative I can be if I jus giv myself time so that I can look beautiful.I loved what I came up with

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  30. Jessica Frank Disse:

    This challenge taught me to appreciate my self by making my
    own necklace and earrings. I have learnt that you pass what you
    have. When l appreciate and love myself in a good way l will be
    able to pass on to other women mthat which l have in me. Putting on
    a different color also showed me that it also makes me look

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  31. vuyokazi Disse:

    i love applying makeup and to dress up and taking pictures when ever i am beautiful this week i will do more and more and try to be creative when it comes to accesories

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    Hello Mrs Christine in this week challenge I really felt good about my self by taking photo of myself and dress nicely above all when apply make up because I am a person who fell shy to make up.On the other hand I feel free and even to stand before people to talk.I will continue to do it for the rest of my life because I understand that to love yourself is not something temporally but it’s for the hall life.THANK YOU SO MUCH MRS.CRISTIANE YOU HELP ME A LOT.

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  33. Pamela Ibrahim Motlatso Disse:

    I was not a make up person, used just to put my clothes on and off i go, but since i started doing GODLLYWOODCHALLENGE I have changed a lot the way i dress and many thing have change in me. And challenge 14 has made me to love myself even more now i know how to apply make up myself. Thank you very much God bless you even more and more because you allow Him to use you to help me.

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  34. mary mfuko Disse:

    this week challenge was big chance for me to change. I just told myself to go for yellow and black colour which I have never worn and I loved the way I looked also Aim not used applying makeup every time thanks GODLLYWOODCHALLENG for changed me. I will do more and more
    so that GOD will help me in my life.

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  35. Lorentina Disse:

    Hi Mrs Cristiane

    Challenge #14

    I really felt good and I like to see myself wearing
    Make -up discretely everyday and dress beautiful always.

    Thank you

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  36. christa Disse:

    Applying makeup n dressng up was never my favourite thing as I was a tomboy. I alwys found skirts, dresses n makeup weird and so I ddnt d any. As I dd this challeng I som how found myself staring @ e mirror a lontym smiling. Its so gud to b a woman wel m ayoung lady e feeling is e best. Im happy to b part of the challenges. I have done my #GODLLYWOOD CHALLENGE 14, I’m loving this new me.

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  37. franjeska Disse:

    i DID THIS challenge and I like it.

    but I wil do it over agian this week because I know I can do better!


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  38. Elen Araujo Disse:

    Essa semana eu pode ver que uma simples mudanca faz uma grande diferencia na nossa aparencia mim sentir mas bonita. E aprendir a mim vestir melhor obrigado.

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  39. Ingrid Disse:

    Since I go to school I cannnot apply any make- up, but this
    challenge has helped me to take care of my appearance. I tuly
    enjoyed each day of this challenge with a neat look for

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  40. Gardinar Anikuru Disse:

    #Godllywood challenge 14 Only because i decided to love
    myself that i was appreciated by many people when i did this

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  41. Monica Maqungwana Disse:

    Hi Mrs cristine i am so happy that God has choose u to help us women all over the wold.I never tod that i could be bussy doing Godlywood challenges someday.but gues what i am enjoying myself and it helps me to be outoff the things of the world.MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU MORE.

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  42. Rose Mbali Disse:

    This challenge makes me feel good and beautiful in my appearance and also after applying make-up
    I felt different and liked it.

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  43. vuyokazi jani Disse:

    i love wearing makeup there and there ,dressing nice and do ing my hair …will do more and more

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  44. fifi botswana Disse:

    Hello Mrs Cris hello cuties!!
    Well this week i applied make up i wore very light eye shadows and a foundation for my skin tone nothing heavy it felt good
    I usually wear very bright clothes even neon colored clothes i usually color block well that has always been me bright everything even bright colored nail polishes like pink and purple.
    this week i wore grey and white leggins with a lot of marked patterns on them which is so not me because i would wear a bright solid color i wore a long black top and a long coat.i went from bright to dim.
    i accessorized with long silver earnings instead of my nobs,i created a hair band out of my silver scarf.
    Out of the very same scarf i made my own Godllywood necklace. i loved it.
    *kisses*!!!!!! :-)

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  45. Tlotlego Lebodi Disse:

    i really loved this task and i am keeping up the same spirit to look good each day.thank You

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  46. Jesica Disse:

    I liked this challenge becouse it reflected the good side of being a lady. I really felt good when I was doing this challenge.

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  47. Kesi Mahara Disse:

    Enjoyed; I wasnt apply makeup.

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  48. Kesi Mahara Disse:

    Enjoyed so much I did’nt use make up before; now as my body is the temple of Holly Spirit I will continue to use it.

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  49. thando nhlapo Disse:

    godllywood change#14
    i learned how to appreciate my self…and dressing in different colours made me feel good and it something i normally do when i go to church or work i no longer wear dark clothes

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  50. samukeliso Disse:

    Wow I felt so confident about myself

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  51. Ruffary Disse:

    In this Challenge it help me a lot how can improved myself more how to be a discreet woman in the way i dress and in the way how to put up my make up and how to match as well my dress and accesories but by this time i can say that i made it.

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  52. Yandiswa Disse:

    Thanks mrs cris I love these Godllywood to encourage woman of God to take care of themselvelves in a discreete manner ofcourse becouse some woman they think to take caare of yourself and applying make- up is a sin against God

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  53. michelle wakit Disse:

    These challenge i learn how to apprecite myself and value as a woman.And looking forward more challenges.thanks a lot….for these Godllywood challenge

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  54. cresencia Disse:

    I Love this challenge, motivate me to dress up my self.
    Thank you! ;-)

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  55. Annette Disse:

    I enjoyed this challenge because it helped me feel good about myself. I made time to take care of myself. I would usually just wear my hair in a ponytail and not take the time to apply my makeup with care. This task forced me to make sure I left time to get ready by picking out my outfit, fixing my hair, wearing accessories (which is something I hardly ever do), and putting on makeup. I felt very elegant. I will make sure to keep this in practice.

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  56. Angela Disse:

    Learning how to love myself is such a blessing. How to talk to you, my Dear God in those moments. Learning how to take pictures of myself and enjoy them.
    learning how to take care of myself with the simple things.

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  57. Amber Disse:

    Hi.well al I cn say is it ws a bit hard to luk beautiful coz I dislocated my elbow nd I felt dat sum clothes ddnt luk gud wth da sling around the neck. bt I hd to suck it al up.nd guess wat I looked even beautiful wth two hands.xoxo

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  58. felene Disse:

    Im working as a domestic helper here at Hongkong. I used to just wear old house clothes since I my duties are cleaning,cooking ang baby sitting. The first time I did this challenge is that I wore a nice clothes, light make up and fixed my hair. The first reaction of my employer was she said “you’re right,i should also not be coming out in the living room still wearing my pajamas”,jeje. I continued to do this challenge and I find that my employer starts to be more appreciative and she likes talking and sharing her ideas with me. People also starts to smile at me, and people gives way in a narrow way,jeje. Its a previledge to be part of Godllywood!

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    Hello Mrs Cristiane,
    Challenge #14 .
    I am always in a rush and through this challenge I learn that when I take the time to apply my make-up properly it helps me to feel more confident about my appearance.
    It was avery sunny day So I wore a hat this is very unusual for me to do but I felt comfortable.
    I also created a necklace that noone else has and I name it my Godllywood necklace.
    I felt very special wearing it .

    I love the Godllywood Challenges!!

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    i love the way godllywood show me how to be to look at myself as i know about myself to be as the yourth in the church because i can not be like the yourth thou who are out fo the church so i thank my GOD to here and also i thank the Godllywood

    God bless mrs cristiane cardos/ this is my challenge14

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  61. Marea Nare Disse:

    This week task it gave me confidence and helped me try new things and i would love to keep on doing it,normally after bath i just put on clothes thats it even lotion i would just apply were flesh appears only,this week my husband was so impressed ,my confidence with taking photos even increased.Thank you so much.

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