"We didn't choose to come into this world, but we have this right to choose where we'll spend eternity."


2111613616Founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Bishop Edir Macedo, 67 years old, was born in Rio de Janeiro. In 1963, he began a career as a civil servant. He started by working with the state-run lottery of Rio de Janeiro, Loterj, and also worked at the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, IBGE, as a researcher in the economic census of 1970. He had completed 16 years of civil service when he left his career to spread the Word of God, a decision that was considered by some at the time to be madness.

Married to Ester Bezerra for 41 years, he has two daughters with her: Cristiane, Viviane and an adopted son, Moises. Edir Macedo insists on pointing out the unconditional support he receives from his wife. He states that women fulfill an important role in the family. She teaches her children in the ways of the faith, takes care of her husband, and of the house. All in all, she lives a hectic day-to-day life. But the principal characteristic of a woman of God is that she does all this under the direction of the Lord.

The Bishop has an extensive academic background. He received degrees in Theology at the Evangelical School of Theology “United Seminar”, and the Faculty of Theological Education in the state of São Paulo (Fatebom). He received a doctorate in Theology, Christian Philosophy and an honorary degree in Divinity, in addition to a Masters in Theological Science received through the Federación Evangélica Española de Entidades Religiosas ? also known as “F.E.E.D.E.R” ? in Madrid, Spain.

As an evangelical writer, Edir Macedo stands out with more than 10 million books sold, and over 34 titles published. Some of his best-sellers are “Orixás, Caboclos and Guias” and “In the Footsteps of Jesus”. Both surpassed the mark of three million copies sold in Brazil.

Today he is one of the most respected evangelical leaders in the world; Edir Macedo has held evangelical crusades that have gathered more than a million people. Among the vast charity work carried out by the UCKG, the 700 tons of non-perishable food collected for needy communities in an event held at Anhangabaú Valley, São Paulo, is a major highlight.

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