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Making history in Latin America

The recent launch of “Nothing to Lose” in Buenos Aires and Bogota reverberated in the local presses of Argentina and Columbia for its record-breaking sales.

56,300 copies were sold inside of 10 hours in Argentina, making it the most successful of this book’s launchings.

More than 45,000 people passed through El Ateneo bookstore, considered by The Guardian (a British newspaper) as the second most beautiful bookstore on the planet.

Argentinians helped Bishop Macedo’s spiritual biography break all records for bookstores and publishers in the country.

16,200 books were sold in Colombia in an event where more than 15,000 residents of Bogotá and surrounding towns showed up.

That country has never had such a large book launch.

The event made the news on Channel 9 and TV Channel One. Watch the videos below

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