"We didn't choose to come into this world, but we have this right to choose where we'll spend eternity."

The Spirit’s choice

Have you ever stopped to think about how your soul mate is being prepared by the Spirit of God?

…or that He is trying to mold you for someone that’s already prepared?

You may even be delaying His Divine plan.

You may be refusing to allow yourself to be led and insisting on the wrong direction.

Pure stubbornness.

You want what you want because you want to impose your will.

Unless this behavior is changed, time will pass and loneliness will remain.

In a situation like this, only when you tire of suffering and finally surrender, will the Holy Spirit act.

God is never late.

The stubborn are always late.

They do not have 100% trust that God will do what He promised to do.

Faith is not restricted to financial sacrifices.

They are mere signs of total, unconditional surrender.

This kind of faith doesn’t waste time.

It destroys doubt, fear, worry and anxiety.

It tears down every barrier between people and God.

After this, God the Father and you have a perfect relationship…

through the Holy Spirit and in the Name of His Son.

Are you convicted of this?

If He is His Father, why not trust in His choice for you?

Why insist on the person you think is ideal?

You may still be crying because your corrupt heart insists on specifying a particular type of person.

Do you think your soul mate has to have the physical appearance that your heart is calling for?

It is fascinated with looks promoted by the deceitful minds behind fashion and beauty magazines.

You have put this in your head and insist in your stubbornness.

The soul mate that the Spirit chooses has a spiritual appearance.

Physical appearance wilts like a wildflower.

A person’s spiritual appearance improves and continues even after death separates us.

Do not be afraid.

God does not make bad choices.

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